Wednesday, October 04, 2006

Virtual (thoughts on this...concept)

After having met Ed Pagett of the Pressman's 20 Year Club, and seeing the number of visitors from all over the states who come our way via his blog, the thought occurs that there are many Newspaper people from all walks of the industry out there.

Feel free, to let us know if you'd like to run an essay here? About the biz! Or memories of good times in the industry, or even funny stories of newspaper heroics behind the scenes.

Because we are all one big family in a way! And we can show what it is like at papers, or what it was like once, perhaps.

The industry is so profoundly American. Regardless of the technology used to produce it, isn't it?

Ed even has a Pressman's hat, you can make! So you see, we are all linked, even here in the web because we share collective memories of the newspaper biz! (which is like no other -- let me tell you!)

Ed's blog is one to follow, for an inside view of what a pressroom is. They have so much heart at his blog. He honors the pressmen who came before him -- like with the piece about the hat. Because that's how it goes, when you work for one. A tradition we used to have at The News-Press was making up a page for a person who was retiring.

It was a front page! And all the little funny memories would be written up in Editorial, pictures gathered, and so forth. The Camera Department would make a velox print, and if you were really special...really special, you got a real newsprint page because the pressmen set that up.

I wonder if they have traditions like that at The Los Angeles Times?

At any rate, instructions and a photo of a pressman's hat are in order courtesy of Ed. And anyone feel free to leave stories?

Ahhh, nostalgia for the good times. Once, long ago.

We do own the domain Santa Barbara Star Free Press, in addition to this blogspace, but at present the site is under construction. Perhaps, it will just be about all the fab people in the industry, afterall!

Next up, that hat!

Seeing it makes me smile inside all over the place.
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