Tuesday, October 03, 2006

MIT on "Citizen Journalism" here:

Here is an abstract from MIT about what happened at that conference Doc Searls was talking about. Next up, a piece about Citizen Journalism from MediaShift by Mark Glaser.

The BEST coverage of the recent terrible wildfire "The Day Fire" was on Doc Searl's blog. Read "blog" as local news, here. He had in depth coverage, and photos. What we aren't seeing up here is local news. The Independent is a weekly, and The Santa Barbara Daily Sound is filling the local news gap. The city of Santa Barbara wants to read local news and not just a selection of wire stories.

Why are the local stories being suppressed? It can't be for a lack of writers, can it?

During this entire debacle, our news about Santa Barbara and the press came from other sources like the Los Angeles Times and the Santa Maria Times. But our city is not exactly their beat, because they have their own.

Down in Los Angeles, three giant moguls want to buy the Los Angeles Times. Probably because they want to read a paper. Call it nostalgia if you will, but newspapers are important. As you will see if you follow the read out of MIT. Just click the red title and go.

A paper's identity is created by the bylines people follow, and the columnists.

Let them write, and you might have a newsworthy product to offer. Our guess is that that's what the editors were talking about when they want "journalistic integrity" and "ethics" back in the local press.

Frankly, we feel there should be another daily up here. And David Geffen or Eli Broad look like great choices to own it. Our sense of Mr. Broad is that he fits into this community like a glove. There is a cachet and glamour the biz has, and always has had.
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