Monday, October 23, 2006

LAT goes retro, but of course...!

Well done, we say, on those cap heds. So very, very, turn o' the century. And even the rules are in color now.

The half rules are a bit odd, though? for the subheds and bylines. Sunday looked a lot better, (thank heavens) than we thought it was going to. All that color bounced the eye in fab ways. But, that ad on the front of Calendar? Bad move. There are other ways to get close to Hollywood like you did inside.

And, the masthead seemed larger, even.

Monday's editorial page was interesting. Of course, some people may need to understand what editorial pages are for. Like say, the fool editor up here.

You are so fab LAT.

Come north.


All you have to do is take a look at the dwindling page count and advertising, and it could be yours, this whole territory. Yours!

That new house ad looks much better in the colored version too.

Suggest a possible color hed at bottom of monday's A-1? Or another bolded sans serif hed to be even more daring.

You rule!

Sunday was a coup. The boxes didn't detract.

Center the half rules? that new folio on the front is great too.

So, our weekly weighed in at 238 pages...Not too shabby, no. Very fab for them at The Independent.

Fab job, LAT.
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