Friday, September 15, 2006

You know what would be fab? (click me)

To have Arnold Schwarzenegger, our Governor, come to town and do a little audit of our local newspaper's practices since 2000, wouldn't it? He could make a really important statement about what Californians don't want to tolerate when it comes to corporate practices.

He could also pair up with our fabulous Mayor, Marty Blum, around all the solar and green issues California (and Santa Barbara) wants to be first with. He does it in LA, already, doesn't he?

When you think about it, maybe it's time to call in The Terminator, huh?

If he only knew, right? About the unemployment situation being caused down here, he'd be pissed as hell, wouldn't he?

Because the State of California is having to pick up the tab on this one.

Marty Blum and Maria Shriver are fab women who came out of this same generation of feminists. Unlike some, they actually work for causes, don't they?

The Terminator has always been really good around evil. He kicks its ass every time.
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