Thursday, September 28, 2006

Woody Guthrie site here:

Looks like the links work if you make them the title, only.

That should hold you for a spell...till more breaks later today.
Hello Blogger,

I was unable to locate your email address, so I will have to make this public, and maybe help other bloggers at the same time.

To make your links run, highlight the link and click on the button to the left of align left.

A popup window will appear, with the default http://. Enter the URL or address of the link and click on OK. You now have a link.

With the link still highlighted, select a color, just to the left of the link button, makes it easier for your readers to follow the links.

Follow the same directions to add someones email address, but when the popup window opens, use the pulldown menu to select the mailto: option.

Hope this helps?
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