Thursday, September 28, 2006

Well, looks like Woody Guthrie...

Had a hand in that Santa Barbara News-Press union vote.

Craig Smith scooped it last night, and we thought we'd wait and see just how much coverage this got. Lots!

Read his take here

And locally from The Santa Maria Times:


and at Editor & Publisher HERE

We found a couple of fab sites for you about Woody Guthrie as well, and a place called Union Songs.

Check out Woody Guthrie here, Click

Here: Click

And don't miss the Union Song site here, for a great little musical tour through history, HERE

The SB Independent has a picture and comments: HERE

Lastly, a great read from Corante regarding "Rebuilding Media" HERE

We'll keep you posted as more news arrives...

Nice to see the hugs rather than the tears for the staffers there...

Now a check in with our Los Angeles Times, and good morning!
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