Friday, September 22, 2006

Something that people who haven't worked for newspapers might want to know...

The press has tremendous power to sway the local mindset.

Plus, they have something called "The Library" inside each newspaper. In this library is everything they have ever published.

They can make or break people with what they publish, and also what they know about everyone in the town. This is why it wasn't okay to suppress a story on Travis Armstrong's drunk driving. Travis is no different than any other citizen in town. Neither is Rob Lowe.

A newspaper cannot pander. That isn't what they are in business to do.

Notice how both The Los Angeles Times and The Santa Barbara News-Press made use of old clippings from the Library to effect because the film "Black Dahlia" just came out.

They used their ancient, yellowed clippings.

A newspaper is VERY important to a town.

One person cannot own the only opinion in town. Most towns have two dailys except, now with just a few millionaires buying them up we are losing our American Press.

It's wrong.

And our politicians need to look into this matter. State by State.
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