Sunday, September 17, 2006

Smoky Santa Barbara skies-- newslink here:

Thanks to KEYT Channel 3 and the fab KTYD (local radio) we just learned that all this ash in the air is a result of the winds blowing down from the mountains.

KTYD ran a message saying Santa Barbara is not in any danger from all this smoke -- so there is no need to call 911 about it.

And KEYT provides a great link from InciWeb. The data here tells which areas are affected and it looks like Ojai and Fillmore from this news release by our Forest Service.

Here is the link:

or click the red title above.

Our firefighters are HEROES!

And so is The Forest Service!

The Star has posted this because a search on my counter was looking for news about this. Let's just say the air quality today resembles Pompeii, redux. But this is just because of the winds changing direction.

Thanks KTYD and KEYT! for the info.

You can get updates from InciWeb. And send good thoughts in the direction of our heroes fighting the blaze, today.

Here is a link to KEYT:
I woke up coughing with watering eyes . The lighting was eery. I missed my daily paper. I saw my neighbor outside, he could see I wasn't doing well. He was bringing me the want ads, not as it was when I'd shop, now it's about where not to shop. He mentioned the ashes. Other neighbors had a big party the night before, could it be from that? I stumbled around my place and his, looking where all the ashes were, no it wasn't a small fire. He had seen the paper and hadn't noticed a big fire, his eyes aren't so good. Certainly, even the current n-p would have a front page photo and headlines I could see. He brought the remainder of the paper over, together we finally found on A4 the tiniest "Ash blows into Santa Barbara". Vladimir Kogan, somehow able to put aproximately 50 words together in his useless fashion. Further PROOF how out of touch the n-p is with community. I tried to read more but couldn't go on after getting to "Be afraid-be very afraid" Laura,THE VOICE. I appreciate the warning, if you read the n-p, read only sub-text. No, I won't support advertisers who want my money to support this sham. A year subscription is about $100.00. I will give part to the workers rally. When the other boycott is organized, part to them. NO NEWS IS NEWS. I feel sick, part from the ashes, more from the added news-press STRESS. Today I was going to focus on local advertisers. When I'm able to function I'll be sending SOS around the world to help free this community. The inmates spend too much time squabbling. OUTSIDE HELP IS NECESSARY
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