Wednesday, September 20, 2006

Rethinking what a newspaper means!

The SB Star Free Press had the fab good fortune last night to attend a class on journalism by Jerry Roberts over at Adult Ed. It was packed! So packed, in fact, that we can't go -- which is a big drag, but there is always October! Thanks to UCSB, and Craig Smith The Star learned he will be teaching this:The Crisis in American Journalism

He is smart, funny, and a great teacher. Wish they had given him the auditorium or something so the class could be larger. So many were there, to learn from him.

In news to the south, the fabulous Los Angeles Times has a revolt on its hands. Here is a link to a piece from NPR on that:


and over at Chicago Tribune:


Times Editor Dean Baquet is AN HONORABLE MAN, in our opinion.

He isn't going to let the bean counters get away with it. We want to give him a standing ovation up here in Santa Barbara. From this tiny press to a media giant. A press with honor like The Los Angeles Times is what we want to read. It really is time for our politicians like Arnold to take an insiders view of the industry up and down the state.

Outsourcing the press and making it just a wrapper for filler ads is WRONG.


We gave you some reads on that yesterday out of NYU by Jay Rosen.

Try to kill an old fashioned American Industry and it will pop up someplace else like the blogosphere.

So, newspapers are still VERY profitable entities no matter what the spin is saying when they tell you they aren't.

Huge profits are made, and as soon as they can eliminate "the workforce" producing them (via outsourcing) the public will be left with nothing.

So do you want to read something

or look at filler ads and advertorial?

Ahhh, tis the question of the morning, isn't it?

Take a bow, Mr. Dean Baquet, for your ethics.

* * *


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