Monday, September 25, 2006


Yes, it was. We got to meet Craig Smith, and looks like Doc Searls was there too! He has fab photos. Without naming names, you will see the News-Press journalists. In attendance were families, children, music straight out of Woody Guthrie and great speakers.

And yes, there were some Teamsters there, too.

Was there violence? NO.

Was there protest? YES. By a concerned Santa Barbara audience.

Was our mayor there? YES.

Was TV there? YES!

Was anyone hiding up in the tower? NO.

Anything that you may read from PR sources is simply spin. Doc Searls (wish I could have met him!) has photos up over at his blog.


Why do these journalists want a union? Because they need a voice. Considering what has happened behind the scenes since the sale of the paper in 2000 to Ms. McCaw, they do need a voice. Now, the funny thing is, Santa Barbara is a VERY small town. PR isn't going to work here, for her. Our town remembers everything and people get a reputation here if they have done bad things.

It's a quiet kind of thing when it happens. Sort of like being shunned by social circles one hopes to penetrate. For instance, in legal circles she is very well known, already.

And in journalistic circles, all across the world. This sort of news travels faster than the Day Fire has. (Doc also has photos of the Sespe Wilderness area, pre-tragedy, and other local coverage of the fire.)

Her editorial page editor has just attacked the Ventura Star, last Sunday in his column. These sorts of things will not be forgotten, you see?

As the paper dwindles down in page count there is a point at which there will be no return.

Hiding out from the public only makes one look more and more foolish.

Everyone who lived here in the late 70's and early 80's remembers Nippers and what it was so famous for. We used to call that area the Montecito Triangle. The Bistro was termed "The Wrinkle Room" by the twenty something crowd. And the current "Lucky's" was The Chanticleer. So you fool no one.

The recent spread in Vanity Fair makes it all the worse.

There will be a point at which everything you have done is going to come out.

Then what?

As our Mayor asked at the rally, "What is your business plan?"

Even the taggers are against you. We couldn't help but notice the giant swath of graffiti on your rust colored fence across the street from the main SBNP building. This is your Sunday editorial? Pictures of graffiti? With all that is going on in the world?

Who will you blame for that tagging? The Teamsters?

Good luck. Because it won't fly here in Santa Barbara.

You simply don't know us here in town, do you?

C'est dommage.

Heart was what the rally was about. Too bad you didn't attend. You might have learned something about people who have them. Like the journalists, and the Teamsters.

The second time in my life I've seen a journalist cry was at Ruby's Cafe.

This is what you are responsible for, and Santa Barbara will never forget.
Mrs. McCaw and her pretentious gigolo should sell the paper and leave Santa Barbara.
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