Sunday, September 17, 2006

News from James Rainey on Los Angeles Times here:,0,429963.story?coll=la-story-footer

Notice how The Los Angeles Times allows its own reporters to write about itself. The question is, why doesn't The Santa Barbara News-Press?

Just what exactly do they not want the public to find out? Mr. Rainey of The Times and the fab journalists here up in Santa Maria and Lompoc as well as others up and down the coast are keeping watch on Santa Barbara, for Santa Barbarans.

Our whole town is completely in the dark about what has gone on there isn't it?

It's the biggest story in town right now, and we can't read about it. That isn't right. The Santa Barbara Daily Sound and The Santa Barbara Independent are the only local sources we have at the moment. Both make use of blogs so that the public can comment. That's a good thing.

We need the kind of reportage up here that you see in The Los Angeles Times. Also, it is not good journalism to sensationalize tragedy and run it on the front page. That's called tabloid journalism, isn't it?
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