Sunday, September 24, 2006


This ought to give everyone an idea about how Santa Barbara feels about our local paper and the events that have been unfolding over there since July. This is a not-to-be-missed read! Take a look at this list of prominent Santa Barbara attorneys and what they are putting together to help the departed journalists. Thanks Edhat, for the scoop.

Here is an excerpt:

"The Lawyers Alliance will raise private funds to provide financial assistance to those journalists who face unexpected legal expenses or economic hardships related to the exercise of their free speech rights. Having those funds available is important to achieve and maintain equal access to justice. The assistance will be available to help defray legal and other expenses.

A list of the forty-four lawyers who have volunteered so far to join the Alliance is attached. More names will be added as additional lawyers step forward to participate. Donations may be sent to the Lawyers Alliance for Free Speech Rights, P.O. Box 5159, Santa Barbara, CA 93150."

Some VERY fabulous people live in our town, don't they?

Read all about it here:
At EdHat's blog!

or, here is the link:

Freedom of the Press is crucial! Not just here in Santa Barbara, but at every newspaper in our country.

Don't forget the rally today, in De la Guerra Plaza, too! There will be music and food at Ruby's Cafe, and speakers too!

Next up, Craig Smith and Doc Searls weigh in, and another fab ED!

Just wait until you meet some real Pressmen! They are part of that group of real newspaper people, that are some of the best people in the whole world!

These are the Pressmen from the Los Angeles Times! -- they linked to a post of ours last night, and boy...since then, our circulation has practically...! blown through the roof!

Wait till you see their pix! And the old pix! (Inky as ever! in those coveralls)...
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