Wednesday, September 13, 2006

The Journalist's fund at Santa Barbara Bank and Trust:

Press Release
August 29, 2006
Contact: Sue Broidy (805) 640 7340

Many residents of Santa Barbara are concerned about the situation faced by journalists who have recently lost their jobs at the Santa Barbara News Press. Valued citizens who are an integral part of our local society, they deserve recognition for the sacrifices they are making as a result of their courageous choice to put journalistic ethics ahead of their personal economic security.

Concerned community members have therefore recently established the Journalist Loan Fund to help those who may be in financial need.

Loan Fund Trustees have been identified and a Fund Raising Committee is being set up. Over $1,000 has been raised to open the account.

Donors are encouraged to be as generous as possible to support the growing number of journalists who have shown the courage to stand up for freedom of the press and journalistic integrity.

Please make your checks payable to the Journalist Loan Fund, attention Sue Broidy, 3412 Calle Noguera, Santa Barbara CA 93105. The Santa Barbara Bank and Trust account number is 0100252972.
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