Friday, September 01, 2006

Important Letter at the Independent, re: "Take Back the Night" here:

The Star happened to catch that read as well. And feels the same way as the people who signed this letter , if you lose this part of your audience, you are going to lose so many subscribers you won't even believe it.

This is not someone who is a local, either, writing the main column. Tragic.

Funny thing is, your writers represent YOU on the page. It's as if you have uttered every single word they've said. So in the end you will be responsible if the readers get irate.

One must be careful with this no? It's a big, big deal to own a newspaper in a small town like Santa Barbara.

A newspaper has to have a direction from the voice at the helm.

Once T. M. was hung in effigy on Anacapa Street. No one knew who did it, but he won a Pulitzer for the series he did. It's what a publisher faces.

It's the investigative stuff that wins the awards, not poodles with painted nails.

All the locals are watching from the sidelines.

It's getting embarrassing.

Here is the address:
I don't know all the names on the letter in Indy. Who's not local? Does it matter?
It matters greatly to have a local person writing the main column Barney used to do. You can catch Barney over at The Santa Barbara Independent now.

The new columnist has no sense of Santa Barbara. Dogs, beaches, people, demographics even. Tragic.
My apology. I misread you, of course it's very clear now. How I read "This is not someone who is local, either, writing the main column." to mean "letter" not "column"? I don't know ? I was thinking you were talking about letter writers, as not local. You are so right on, TRAGIC. Is the proper term for the column "the voice of Santa Barbara"? And the embarassment is beyond words on the world stage. I'm glad you are back and all is well. You're doing a much needed service and good job here. I look forward to reading your blog. I have problems with glare, will try to do better. I couldn't agree with you more about the paper and like when you add those little historical insights, like T.M. in effigy. I'd be for doing that again in 2006.
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