Thursday, September 21, 2006

Hmmm...that search led to this...

Something called the SBECP and you can read about them over at

We looked at the board of directors here and...


Looks like Jon Clark works for the Wendy P. McCaw Foundation.

What a small world!


Looks like all of this has something to do with building and Cottage Hospital and Michael Towbes...

But we aren't sure what.

Are you?

Perhaps you can post what we don't know in our comments section about this website---

The whole thing tis a rather large puzzle isn't it?
There is absolutely no connection between WPM Foundation and Cottage Hosp. It's true that Jon Clark and Sharyn Main, former Community Environmental Council staffers, work for WPMF, and it's true that Mr. Clark has been involved with CCRL, but there's nothing evil or suspect in that. CCRL is a fine organization woking at the state level trying to get people to think and act regionally instead of being so damn parochial in their politics. The same is pretty much true for the ECP link -- local folks examining how the South Coast works, and doesn't work, regionally. None of this is secret -- it has been covered in the public media, even the SBNP, before it became a former newspaper; if any of this is unknown to anyone, it's for lack of civic interest among those folks. Either that, of just damn poor memories.
Thanks for your take, anon.

No need to be huffy. It just seems curious to us, that at the mention of ex-editor Jerry Roberts in our blog...

Whammo, the wpmfoundation popped up like a bad penny.
Sorry - didn't mean to be huffy, just expected those who write and read a lot to have known about WPMF, ECP and CCRL. What the link is between WPMF and Jerry Roberts sure beats me -- must just be the name McCaw.
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