Monday, September 11, 2006

Detroit Fress Press scoops Dr. Laura! here:


(or click the red title bar)

Enquiring Santa Barbara minds might want to know.

Craig Smith weighs in on the BIG ApologyHERE


Here is Dr. Seabaugh's response:


In other news, Ms. Fuentes explodes in an impassioned piece over in "Voices" this Sunday regarding her fears...

An analysis of the piece is interesting. Why didn't HR help Ms. Fuentes and Mr. Todd sort things out, first?

Why is this internal dilemma running on the front page of Editorial?

It's very unclear what the article is trying to stress the most, isn't it? But what comes through is that Ms. Fuentes is angry that she was part of the Mixtec project, angry at departed editors, and angriest that she hasn't been interviewed by anyone.

Well, the Santa Barbara Star Free Press Blog offers her the chance to say all she would like to say, right here. Mr. Todd as well, should he care to.

That's what this blog was made for. A place for "the gagged" to speak.

So go ahead. Use the comments! They are there to be interactive and democratic!
Laura's not polarizing anybody. Now I can sleep better. And this week she likes gays. Is her rejected lunch fiasco going to go in the hall of fame of cover ups? Please let us know when the NP does the story. And all they cover. The town is so paranoid no one can talk? Did you catch Laura pointing to UCSB student? Must be a nontraditional. I saw one of the "shocking" articles [there are more], by a female in 2002. Convenient the Nexes is on vacation. And student may never know she was outed to Laura's people. Unless a lunatic thinks he needs to look her up. And then the problem of underage drinking. "The onus is on the parent." Did she or anyone ever mention Deryk A. Schlessinger's arrest for underage drinking and hanging out with people who smoke marijuana? December 7, 2005. Fayetteville, NC. Do you know why Deryk uses Bishop when he spoke here? They were proud he was going to serve? Isn't Wendy against the war? What a mess alright.
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