Sunday, September 10, 2006

Blogabarbara has the scoop,

Check her comments section under the post "Vanity Fair Tell it Like It Is..." for the scoop on the biggest yacht in town, well, not that our harbor in Santa Barbara could accomodate it, but... nothing about this one is even remotely vegetarian is it?

Actually, it looks a little Robber Baron-esque.

The Star doubts that Barney B. would ever be swayed by swag or bling of any sort. Even though in a recent editorial the News-Press attempted to paint things that way. One of the rules the NYT had was not to accept any gifts at all. Guess why?

Have things changed now for journalists?

I doubt it. Not for real journalists, anyway.

Newspaper people are a breed. Nothing fools them, and they've seen it all, haven't they?

Click the headline or find the blog here:

Next up...megayachts.

Why is this reminding us of the LA Times piece not that long ago on the Affluenza of Orange County. I wonder if you can get that off their archives. West Magazine archives that is... over at
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