Friday, September 22, 2006

Article round up, for Friday...starts here!

News regarding both The Santa Barbara News-Press and The Los Angeles Times from 'round the web...

First, locally from George over at "I'm not one to blog, but..."


Reagarding all the losses over at The Goleta Valley Voice (and then some)...

Just yesterday on a trek out there we were struck by the level of low flying planes coming in and out of that airport directly over the big mall out there. What is the deal with soooo many planes all of a sudden, over our city all the time?

And what is happening out on Los Carneros and Hollister? Huge earth movers are digging up the Goleta Slough...and just across the street, a huge project is going in. A business park? Hmmm. You'd just have to drive by wouldn't you and experience it all for yourselves. Feels more and more like someplace else. Downtown Goleta needs a fix up in a charming way. Focus on that, why don't you, instead of building all this mega stuff. One wonders who is behind it all, and doesn't Ms. McCaw own an airplane hangar out there as well?

So, who is behind all the development, we ask.


That's not being too parochial is it?

We call it being CONCERNED LOCALS!
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