Sunday, September 24, 2006

And now! Those Pressmen!

Nice to meet you, Ed Padgett.
We've known some mighty fine Pressmen in our day.

Without the Pressmen, no PAPER!

This is harder than being a mailman, really it is!

These guys have been known to stay up all through the night to make sure it comes out if the press malfunctions.

Our hat is off to you, your fabulous paper The Los Angeles Times and the two courageous men who are true leaders down there. Your publisher, and Dean Baquet.

click red title, or link here:

they have a blog too, you can read.
Dear Star Free Press Staff,

Thank you for mentioning us pressmen and myself in your blog.

I can not wipe the grin from my face at the moment, this is probably why I became a blogger.

I'm sure you will be watching what takes place at the Los Angeles Times and the Tribune Company, we are all in a state of limbo as employees.

Again, thank you,
Like I said, glad to meet you.

I'm keeping watch, and hope your fab paper will weather this.

Grinning back at you, knowing what you do!

And looks like you have a Presswoman too. Boy is that a stride for the industry as a whole.

Take care...
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