Thursday, September 28, 2006

Woody Guthrie site here:

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Read the piece from Corante on Rebuilding Media here:

Important read.

Learn about classic songs at UnionSong here:

All kinds of history at this place...

Editor & Publisher has a piece here:

regarding the union vote...

Read Mr. Smith's take here:

For news on the News-Press union vote in Editorial.

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Woody Guthrie, an American myth and balladeer...

As through this life you travel, you meet some funny men
Some rob you with a six-gun, some with a fountain pen

As through this life you ramble, as through this life you roam
You'll never see an outlaw take a family from their home

Woody Guthrie (1912-1967)

----from "The Ballad of Pretty Boy Floyd"

Click the red title to learn more about Woody and his influence on American music.

Well, looks like Woody Guthrie...

Had a hand in that Santa Barbara News-Press union vote.

Craig Smith scooped it last night, and we thought we'd wait and see just how much coverage this got. Lots!

Read his take here

And locally from The Santa Maria Times:


and at Editor & Publisher HERE

We found a couple of fab sites for you about Woody Guthrie as well, and a place called Union Songs.

Check out Woody Guthrie here, Click

Here: Click

And don't miss the Union Song site here, for a great little musical tour through history, HERE

The SB Independent has a picture and comments: HERE

Lastly, a great read from Corante regarding "Rebuilding Media" HERE

We'll keep you posted as more news arrives...

Nice to see the hugs rather than the tears for the staffers there...

Now a check in with our Los Angeles Times, and good morning!

Monday, September 25, 2006


Yes, it was. We got to meet Craig Smith, and looks like Doc Searls was there too! He has fab photos. Without naming names, you will see the News-Press journalists. In attendance were families, children, music straight out of Woody Guthrie and great speakers.

And yes, there were some Teamsters there, too.

Was there violence? NO.

Was there protest? YES. By a concerned Santa Barbara audience.

Was our mayor there? YES.

Was TV there? YES!

Was anyone hiding up in the tower? NO.

Anything that you may read from PR sources is simply spin. Doc Searls (wish I could have met him!) has photos up over at his blog.


Why do these journalists want a union? Because they need a voice. Considering what has happened behind the scenes since the sale of the paper in 2000 to Ms. McCaw, they do need a voice. Now, the funny thing is, Santa Barbara is a VERY small town. PR isn't going to work here, for her. Our town remembers everything and people get a reputation here if they have done bad things.

It's a quiet kind of thing when it happens. Sort of like being shunned by social circles one hopes to penetrate. For instance, in legal circles she is very well known, already.

And in journalistic circles, all across the world. This sort of news travels faster than the Day Fire has. (Doc also has photos of the Sespe Wilderness area, pre-tragedy, and other local coverage of the fire.)

Her editorial page editor has just attacked the Ventura Star, last Sunday in his column. These sorts of things will not be forgotten, you see?

As the paper dwindles down in page count there is a point at which there will be no return.

Hiding out from the public only makes one look more and more foolish.

Everyone who lived here in the late 70's and early 80's remembers Nippers and what it was so famous for. We used to call that area the Montecito Triangle. The Bistro was termed "The Wrinkle Room" by the twenty something crowd. And the current "Lucky's" was The Chanticleer. So you fool no one.

The recent spread in Vanity Fair makes it all the worse.

There will be a point at which everything you have done is going to come out.

Then what?

As our Mayor asked at the rally, "What is your business plan?"

Even the taggers are against you. We couldn't help but notice the giant swath of graffiti on your rust colored fence across the street from the main SBNP building. This is your Sunday editorial? Pictures of graffiti? With all that is going on in the world?

Who will you blame for that tagging? The Teamsters?

Good luck. Because it won't fly here in Santa Barbara.

You simply don't know us here in town, do you?

C'est dommage.

Heart was what the rally was about. Too bad you didn't attend. You might have learned something about people who have them. Like the journalists, and the Teamsters.

The second time in my life I've seen a journalist cry was at Ruby's Cafe.

This is what you are responsible for, and Santa Barbara will never forget.

Sunday, September 24, 2006

And now! Those Pressmen!

Nice to meet you, Ed Padgett.
We've known some mighty fine Pressmen in our day.

Without the Pressmen, no PAPER!

This is harder than being a mailman, really it is!

These guys have been known to stay up all through the night to make sure it comes out if the press malfunctions.

Our hat is off to you, your fabulous paper The Los Angeles Times and the two courageous men who are true leaders down there. Your publisher, and Dean Baquet.

click red title, or link here:

they have a blog too, you can read.

Doc Searls speaks here:

And he has a great picture of a smoky sunset, too.

You had better listen to him. He knows his business inside and out.

And he is a local.

Read about his trip to MIT...

"Santa Barbara News-Depression
On Tuesday evening I attended the Emergence of Citizens Media forum at MIT, featuring Dan Gillmor, Alex Beam of the Boston Globe and Ellen Foley of the Wisconsin State Journal. When I mentioned I was from Santa Barbara, and our paper was the News-Press, the panel winced. As a joke I asked if they could do an "intervention".
It's gotten that bad."

more follows...


or the link, here:

Mr. Smith's take, here:

He has a letter for you to read from Mr. Wiesenberger.

This town CARES about journalistic integrity. Just like Los Angeles does when it comes to their newspaper!

There is something amiss when the owner and publisher of the paper can't meet her own reporters and the concerned citizens of Santa Barbara face to face.

It isn't just rude, it's beyond ridiculous.

You can bet T. M. Storke's ghost is going to be at that rally today.

It is also ridiculous to keep blaming things on unions. Lots of newspapers have them.

You might want to take Doc Searls seriously. He's right.

Do you think T. M. Storke would hide or ignore his public?


Read Mr. Smith here:


or here is link:


This ought to give everyone an idea about how Santa Barbara feels about our local paper and the events that have been unfolding over there since July. This is a not-to-be-missed read! Take a look at this list of prominent Santa Barbara attorneys and what they are putting together to help the departed journalists. Thanks Edhat, for the scoop.

Here is an excerpt:

"The Lawyers Alliance will raise private funds to provide financial assistance to those journalists who face unexpected legal expenses or economic hardships related to the exercise of their free speech rights. Having those funds available is important to achieve and maintain equal access to justice. The assistance will be available to help defray legal and other expenses.

A list of the forty-four lawyers who have volunteered so far to join the Alliance is attached. More names will be added as additional lawyers step forward to participate. Donations may be sent to the Lawyers Alliance for Free Speech Rights, P.O. Box 5159, Santa Barbara, CA 93150."

Some VERY fabulous people live in our town, don't they?

Read all about it here:
At EdHat's blog!

or, here is the link:

Freedom of the Press is crucial! Not just here in Santa Barbara, but at every newspaper in our country.

Don't forget the rally today, in De la Guerra Plaza, too! There will be music and food at Ruby's Cafe, and speakers too!

Next up, Craig Smith and Doc Searls weigh in, and another fab ED!

Just wait until you meet some real Pressmen! They are part of that group of real newspaper people, that are some of the best people in the whole world!

These are the Pressmen from the Los Angeles Times! -- they linked to a post of ours last night, and boy...since then, our circulation has practically...! blown through the roof!

Wait till you see their pix! And the old pix! (Inky as ever! in those coveralls)...

Friday, September 22, 2006

Remember GOO? As in "Get Oil Out"--well we do! (read all about it by clicking)

Why most locals DO NOT want another GOO-ey disaster on our hands around here...

And why we prefer alt fuel and solar.

Time to change the energy grid and just use the sun and natural things.

In other releases, our county goes progressive and transparent here:Read a press release on it here

Some of us lived here then, (during that black time) and still do!

Breaking news about beach erosion! (click me)

Read all about it and find more info about how our beaches are changing.

Yes, we at the Star are concerned with green issues, and polar icecap melt.


Something that people who haven't worked for newspapers might want to know...

The press has tremendous power to sway the local mindset.

Plus, they have something called "The Library" inside each newspaper. In this library is everything they have ever published.

They can make or break people with what they publish, and also what they know about everyone in the town. This is why it wasn't okay to suppress a story on Travis Armstrong's drunk driving. Travis is no different than any other citizen in town. Neither is Rob Lowe.

A newspaper cannot pander. That isn't what they are in business to do.

Notice how both The Los Angeles Times and The Santa Barbara News-Press made use of old clippings from the Library to effect because the film "Black Dahlia" just came out.

They used their ancient, yellowed clippings.

A newspaper is VERY important to a town.

One person cannot own the only opinion in town. Most towns have two dailys except, now with just a few millionaires buying them up we are losing our American Press.

It's wrong.

And our politicians need to look into this matter. State by State.

The Green Ribbon Project, out of Seattle! (click me)

Did you know our Mayor, Marty Blum is part of this project?

We didn't!

Huge, fabulous news! (out of Seattle) on all the mayors who are concerned with climate change.

Nice to know we have like minds to the north of us, isn't it?


and check out who else is there from around the United States as by city!

Reads about newspapers and thoughts on the biz, by experts...

Kevin Roderick is always one to follow, over at LAObserved...we had already caught the Slate piece but he mentions it too, and we got our tip on the Mediashift piece from him...

Looks like he was on TV regarding the los Angeles Times debacle...

Read all about it, HERE

Then check out what London has to say...Hamilton Nelson from BrandRepublic...


Don't miss Slate's take by Jack Shafer,


And Mark Glaser from MediaShift...


fabulous reads all...

Article round up, for Friday...starts here!

News regarding both The Santa Barbara News-Press and The Los Angeles Times from 'round the web...

First, locally from George over at "I'm not one to blog, but..."


Reagarding all the losses over at The Goleta Valley Voice (and then some)...

Just yesterday on a trek out there we were struck by the level of low flying planes coming in and out of that airport directly over the big mall out there. What is the deal with soooo many planes all of a sudden, over our city all the time?

And what is happening out on Los Carneros and Hollister? Huge earth movers are digging up the Goleta Slough...and just across the street, a huge project is going in. A business park? Hmmm. You'd just have to drive by wouldn't you and experience it all for yourselves. Feels more and more like someplace else. Downtown Goleta needs a fix up in a charming way. Focus on that, why don't you, instead of building all this mega stuff. One wonders who is behind it all, and doesn't Ms. McCaw own an airplane hangar out there as well?

So, who is behind all the development, we ask.


That's not being too parochial is it?

We call it being CONCERNED LOCALS!

Thursday, September 21, 2006

Hmmm...that search led to this...

Something called the SBECP and you can read about them over at

We looked at the board of directors here and...


Looks like Jon Clark works for the Wendy P. McCaw Foundation.

What a small world!


Looks like all of this has something to do with building and Cottage Hospital and Michael Towbes...

But we aren't sure what.

Are you?

Perhaps you can post what we don't know in our comments section about this website---

The whole thing tis a rather large puzzle isn't it?

Well, "" has 10 links.

Somebody named Jon Clark appears to work for them, because you can get his contact info here right off Google. He seems to be involved with something called the CCRL or California Center for Regional Leadership. We've never heard of them, have you?

Looks like they have a website called

It also looks like they have some pdfs the public can download and read.

And, what is the "Civic Entrepreneur Summit"...

We've never heard of that.

Looks interesting. Who are the Civic Entrepreneurs? Do they have anything to do with our city of Santa Barbara?


Who are these people?

Does anyone of the 3500+ people who have visited this blog know?

You could leave comments and we'll keep searching for you! Mostly out of curiosity over who is coming to our blog! Hmmmm...

What did you find out?

So who is "" anyway?

How funny! Why, just yesterday when we checked our counter it looks like these people came by. I've never heard of them, have you? But wpm sounds strangely like a name that has been in the news of late, doesn't it? W P M? That sounds like Wendy McCaw or Wendy P. McCaw or possibly Wendy Petrak? So, because just after we posted the name Jerry Roberts yesterday this popped up on the old counter -- we thought we'd investigate just to see.

Since our counter also tells us where they arrived from -- it was "Santa Barbara Free -- which just happens to be that fab little paper The Santa Barbara Daily Sound being published up on the Mesa.

So what is the deal here? Does this have anything to do with the "electronic surveillance" the employees at the Santa Barbara News-Press were talking about lately?

We wondered.

So, we decided to find out who the "WPM foundation" is via the simplest route -- the WEB!

Everybody is welcome here at The Santa Barbara Star Free Press Blog. Because we believe in FREEDOM OF THE PRESS! And you know who else we believe in? Our Mayor Marty Blum and our Governor Arnold Schwartzenegger. Because they are both really into environmental stuff here in California. And so are we.

And I bet, I just bet, that both of them are also into Freedom of the Press issues too. All the politicians in our country are, or they should be. It's very important to them what newspapers say isn't it? It is in the best interest of our country to make sure the press is free here. Always. And I know they will. Because I trust our leaders. All of them.

Right now, they need to look into who owns what and who is outsourcing what in the newspaper industry. Next up, we have more news about that, especially since the big events recently down at The Los Angeles Times.

So, let's start with a little search like this:

I used google!
to search for this:

You try it!


Wednesday, September 20, 2006

Rethinking what a newspaper means!

The SB Star Free Press had the fab good fortune last night to attend a class on journalism by Jerry Roberts over at Adult Ed. It was packed! So packed, in fact, that we can't go -- which is a big drag, but there is always October! Thanks to UCSB, and Craig Smith The Star learned he will be teaching this:The Crisis in American Journalism

He is smart, funny, and a great teacher. Wish they had given him the auditorium or something so the class could be larger. So many were there, to learn from him.

In news to the south, the fabulous Los Angeles Times has a revolt on its hands. Here is a link to a piece from NPR on that:


and over at Chicago Tribune:


Times Editor Dean Baquet is AN HONORABLE MAN, in our opinion.

He isn't going to let the bean counters get away with it. We want to give him a standing ovation up here in Santa Barbara. From this tiny press to a media giant. A press with honor like The Los Angeles Times is what we want to read. It really is time for our politicians like Arnold to take an insiders view of the industry up and down the state.

Outsourcing the press and making it just a wrapper for filler ads is WRONG.


We gave you some reads on that yesterday out of NYU by Jay Rosen.

Try to kill an old fashioned American Industry and it will pop up someplace else like the blogosphere.

So, newspapers are still VERY profitable entities no matter what the spin is saying when they tell you they aren't.

Huge profits are made, and as soon as they can eliminate "the workforce" producing them (via outsourcing) the public will be left with nothing.

So do you want to read something

or look at filler ads and advertorial?

Ahhh, tis the question of the morning, isn't it?

Take a bow, Mr. Dean Baquet, for your ethics.

* * *


Jay Rosen and other learned journos here:

a must read, given the circumstances:

facing journos in uncertain climes...or was that times?

Read all about it: Newspapers outsourced! (click me)

in toto...


hmmm...what do you think?

Sounds like another brilliant bean counter move to us.

Interesting link inside too...check it out.

Monday, September 18, 2006

News about LAT from "Media Matters"



from LA Voice here:

and news about another paper here:

All important reads for people who care about our press, locally and nationally.

An article on Hoffa by Marc Cooper here:

It's called "Where's Hoffa Driving the Teamsters?"


Interesting and informative, even though it dates from 2000. We learned a lot from this piece, and since we are not really up on unions or labor issues it was a greatly informative.

Mr. Cooper, the author of this piece looks like a very distinguished journalist. His bio is off to the right.

More info here at "Change to"


Read about "The American Dream Survey" here:

lots of info here, to up, that article from "The Nation"

The Star has the scoop on who works under the Teamsters union, here:

Would you believe The New York Times, and Elle magazine?

Well, they do.

Here is the website so you can learn all about them.

Looks like a bunch of the biggest names in publishing are covered by them. The Star looked around in the web and found some information on unions for you as well. I think most of us associate the idea of a union with the film "On the Waterfront" but, this looks modern, progressive and cares about labor in our country. We also found an older article from "The Nation" that you can read, and we will provide the link for you.

First up, the weather...Doc Searls has pictures here:

The sun is peeking through today but we still have tremendous haze in the sky from the big fire to the south of Santa Barbara. Ash is still falling over the city.

He also has coverage and commentary from a local's perspective and tons of links for everyone -- needing info about the big wildfire called "The Day Fire."

Click the red title or here is the link:$7108

(you can cut and paste it)

I know, I keep repeating myself...but many are not web savvy, so that is why!

This fire carries a "red flag" warning and additional info can be gotten here:

Ojai and Fillmore are near to Santa Barbara -- we should be seeing this front page, and we didn't yesterday. Two things Californians deal with are wildfires and earthquakes.

Luckily we don't have hurricanes and tornadoes...unless of course the climate change is going to bring those down the road.

Here is a link to The American Red Cross:

with tons of info, for the public.


Smokey the Bear!

Remember him? He is the guardian of the forest, and this is a great site for kids to learn about fires and safety...

Sunday, September 17, 2006

Smoky Santa Barbara skies-- newslink here:

Thanks to KEYT Channel 3 and the fab KTYD (local radio) we just learned that all this ash in the air is a result of the winds blowing down from the mountains.

KTYD ran a message saying Santa Barbara is not in any danger from all this smoke -- so there is no need to call 911 about it.

And KEYT provides a great link from InciWeb. The data here tells which areas are affected and it looks like Ojai and Fillmore from this news release by our Forest Service.

Here is the link:

or click the red title above.

Our firefighters are HEROES!

And so is The Forest Service!

The Star has posted this because a search on my counter was looking for news about this. Let's just say the air quality today resembles Pompeii, redux. But this is just because of the winds changing direction.

Thanks KTYD and KEYT! for the info.

You can get updates from InciWeb. And send good thoughts in the direction of our heroes fighting the blaze, today.

Here is a link to KEYT:

News about another rally for The Santa Barbara News-Press, September 24th:

The Star picked this up from the Santa Barbara Independent's comments area. Funds raised will go to the Journalist's Loan Fund recently set up over at Santa Barbara Bank and Trust. We hope that there will be many speakers there, and actually we hope local politicians also attend. There are very large issues at stake about freedom of the press in Santa Barbara. We hope many reporters up and down the California coast can also attend, as well as our politicians. It's THAT important, for all citizens of Santa Barbara.

* * *


The Rally:
3-4 p.m. Sunday, September 24
De la Guerra Plaza
Prominent speakers will be invited. More details to come.

The Fundraiser:
4-6 p.m. at Ruby’s Café
De la Guerra Plaza
Hors d’oeuvres and music
Suggested Donation: $20.00
Proceeds will be donated to the Journalist Loan Fund to help current and former News-Press employees who have been forced out, fired or suspended without pay.

Please join the organized newsroom of the Santa Barbara News-Press in a show of support for journalistic integrity and a fair employment contract. In recent weeks, 22 top journalists have left the newsroom because Wendy McCaw, the owner and co-publisher, was interfering in the news. An atmosphere of intimidation and surveillance has replaced the openness that a free press requires.

This month, 11 newsroom employees received notice that they would be suspended for two days without pay for the “offense” of attempting to deliver a letter to McCaw. The letter asked her to stop harrassing employees who were seeking union representation.

The No. 1 priority of these employees, some of whom have worked at the paper for decades, is to restore ethical standards at the News- Press. They expect to win their union election by a large margin on Sept. 27. Until their demands for a fair contract have been met, they are asking subscribers to CANCEL THE

The Sept. 24 rally is organized by newsroom employees and the Graphic Communications Union of the International Brotherhood of Teamsters. Please help us send a message to McCaw that SANTA BARBARA DEMANDS A FREE PRESS.

* * *


News from James Rainey on Los Angeles Times here:,0,429963.story?coll=la-story-footer

Notice how The Los Angeles Times allows its own reporters to write about itself. The question is, why doesn't The Santa Barbara News-Press?

Just what exactly do they not want the public to find out? Mr. Rainey of The Times and the fab journalists here up in Santa Maria and Lompoc as well as others up and down the coast are keeping watch on Santa Barbara, for Santa Barbarans.

Our whole town is completely in the dark about what has gone on there isn't it?

It's the biggest story in town right now, and we can't read about it. That isn't right. The Santa Barbara Daily Sound and The Santa Barbara Independent are the only local sources we have at the moment. Both make use of blogs so that the public can comment. That's a good thing.

We need the kind of reportage up here that you see in The Los Angeles Times. Also, it is not good journalism to sensationalize tragedy and run it on the front page. That's called tabloid journalism, isn't it?

Friday, September 15, 2006

Marlon Brando, "On the Waterfront"

Jefferson Flanders reconsiders "On the Waterfront" here:

Click the red title for a wonderful read about the film. Timely.

He is a marvelous writer. Just right for sophisticated Santa Barbarans.

Pedro Nava's letter!

The Star got a fab letter from Mr. Nava. Turns out our firefighters have an important website here:

Where the public can learn to make a safety kit in case of natural disasters.

Pretty fab. Especially because "our" firemen did it. We consider the firemen HEROES!

Always have.

Check it out.

You know what would be fab? (click me)

To have Arnold Schwarzenegger, our Governor, come to town and do a little audit of our local newspaper's practices since 2000, wouldn't it? He could make a really important statement about what Californians don't want to tolerate when it comes to corporate practices.

He could also pair up with our fabulous Mayor, Marty Blum, around all the solar and green issues California (and Santa Barbara) wants to be first with. He does it in LA, already, doesn't he?

When you think about it, maybe it's time to call in The Terminator, huh?

If he only knew, right? About the unemployment situation being caused down here, he'd be pissed as hell, wouldn't he?

Because the State of California is having to pick up the tab on this one.

Marty Blum and Maria Shriver are fab women who came out of this same generation of feminists. Unlike some, they actually work for causes, don't they?

The Terminator has always been really good around evil. He kicks its ass every time.

Wednesday, September 13, 2006

The Journalist's fund at Santa Barbara Bank and Trust:

Press Release
August 29, 2006
Contact: Sue Broidy (805) 640 7340

Many residents of Santa Barbara are concerned about the situation faced by journalists who have recently lost their jobs at the Santa Barbara News Press. Valued citizens who are an integral part of our local society, they deserve recognition for the sacrifices they are making as a result of their courageous choice to put journalistic ethics ahead of their personal economic security.

Concerned community members have therefore recently established the Journalist Loan Fund to help those who may be in financial need.

Loan Fund Trustees have been identified and a Fund Raising Committee is being set up. Over $1,000 has been raised to open the account.

Donors are encouraged to be as generous as possible to support the growing number of journalists who have shown the courage to stand up for freedom of the press and journalistic integrity.

Please make your checks payable to the Journalist Loan Fund, attention Sue Broidy, 3412 Calle Noguera, Santa Barbara CA 93105. The Santa Barbara Bank and Trust account number is 0100252972.

Killing a newspaper's heart.

It was with shock and sadness today that The Santa Barbara Star Free Press learned of Len Wood's resignation. Len was so kind, so soft spoken and part of the "spine" of the old company. He dates all the way back to the time when Bob Ponce held that position with the paper, and they had a real darkroom instead of Photoshop.

It made us sick, all day today, thinking about Len, and the others.

Why would anyone try to kill the heart of a place, person by person?

What is the worst is that whoever is left on the staff bears it, as each one goes.

The paper is part of the texture of Santa Barbara, itself.

This is as bad as cutting into the heartwood of a tree, or cutting the taproot.

And the saddest thing is that those journos worked on things like the Painted Cave Fire together. You'll never know, will you, unless you've been at a place with colleagues like those and hearts like those, what it is even about to be a part of the industry.

Bill Sykes is still in town, and many of the old reporters too. The Santa Barbara Star Free Press asks The Channel City Club and the Santa Barbara Writer's Conference for assistance. We will donate our domain name to the cause, in the interest of The City of Santa Barbara, and volunteer to help get it off the ground.

In the old days, we got little tiny $20 dollar Christmas bonuses, and bags of food and turkeys for the Thanksgiving holiday, so that no one would go hungry.

How times have changed. But not the hearts of Santa Barbarans.

We want to thank The Independent, for informing us of this new sad turn of events this morning regarding Len, via the web. Click the red title above, for the link.
And know that we will contact those that count in town about this matter. Past colleagues. All of whom know Len.

Monday, September 11, 2006

The buzz on the art world.

It's patently obvious what "that art" on the street shot full of green arrows is about.

The Star's guess is that it will end up in a permanent collection someplace very soon, no?

Here is a link to McLibel, off Google HERE

The piece has done just what it was supposed to do, hasn't it? It's ART!

Good art is strong, and this is strong. Do you think Warhol
apologized for his renderings of Campbell's soup cans in the 60's?


Why make mountains out of molehills and offend the sophisticated audience here in town?

Detroit Fress Press scoops Dr. Laura! here:


(or click the red title bar)

Enquiring Santa Barbara minds might want to know.

Craig Smith weighs in on the BIG ApologyHERE


Here is Dr. Seabaugh's response:


In other news, Ms. Fuentes explodes in an impassioned piece over in "Voices" this Sunday regarding her fears...

An analysis of the piece is interesting. Why didn't HR help Ms. Fuentes and Mr. Todd sort things out, first?

Why is this internal dilemma running on the front page of Editorial?

It's very unclear what the article is trying to stress the most, isn't it? But what comes through is that Ms. Fuentes is angry that she was part of the Mixtec project, angry at departed editors, and angriest that she hasn't been interviewed by anyone.

Well, the Santa Barbara Star Free Press Blog offers her the chance to say all she would like to say, right here. Mr. Todd as well, should he care to.

That's what this blog was made for. A place for "the gagged" to speak.

So go ahead. Use the comments! They are there to be interactive and democratic!

Sunday, September 10, 2006

Two links to stories out of Santa Maria today...

"Planners mull Gaviota proposals" by Chuck Schultz


Sally Cappon's reportage on SBNP debacle:

Thanks for keeping us informed down here.

Wikipedia on "The Robber Barons"

Time to dust off Thorsten Veblen's "The Theory of The Leisure Class" for all you historians and history buffs out there.

Oh, and... can somebody restore The Miramar? Back to its old blue blood, blue-roofed state?

We liked it that way, too. It was quiet and chic.

(Overheard at luncheon, (this past June) by a longstanding very prominent writer at The Santa Barbara Writers Conference)

Less is more, sometimes.


(in case clicking the red title didn't work)

A brief intro to "The Gilded Age" here:


Next up, the Wikipedia and Robber Barons.

Somebody tremendously cool in the blogosphere has...

Made a link to us! This is a very great honor for the Santa Barbara Star Free Press. Thank you, Doc Searls. Read him here:

He's got lots of interesting links too, and things to say.

Look who else he has too:

Craig Smith, Blogabarbara and EdHat.

Curious about who he is? Check out "Who is Doc?" right here:

An image of the ship Calixe here:


She's something to behold, isn't she.

Personally, we tend to like old wooden sailing vessels like the Mayan. It's been around our harbor here for years hasn't she?

Blogabarbara has the scoop,

Check her comments section under the post "Vanity Fair Tell it Like It Is..." for the scoop on the biggest yacht in town, well, not that our harbor in Santa Barbara could accomodate it, but... nothing about this one is even remotely vegetarian is it?

Actually, it looks a little Robber Baron-esque.

The Star doubts that Barney B. would ever be swayed by swag or bling of any sort. Even though in a recent editorial the News-Press attempted to paint things that way. One of the rules the NYT had was not to accept any gifts at all. Guess why?

Have things changed now for journalists?

I doubt it. Not for real journalists, anyway.

Newspaper people are a breed. Nothing fools them, and they've seen it all, haven't they?

Click the headline or find the blog here:

Next up...megayachts.

Why is this reminding us of the LA Times piece not that long ago on the Affluenza of Orange County. I wonder if you can get that off their archives. West Magazine archives that is... over at

Thursday, September 07, 2006

The local "Gnusman" over at

How fab!

Check out this journalist!

Yep, see the hat he's wearing? Anybody who looks like this is somebody trustable.

Funny, Mr. Gottlieb looks just like this too.

A real 40's type. He looks fab! the Star bets he is fab too, just like the reporters he's helping are.

Anyway, the Gnusman has a clipping service, isn't that great?

read all about him!

A cutie-pie of a poem for insiders here:

Click the red title to read a funny poem about a day in the life of a copy editor...
not all that long ago, although now it's more about the letterspacing huh?

It looks so dumb when the programs try and squeeze it all in like they do. All the rules about layout went right out the window didn't they?


Headline round up as of this morning:

The simplest way to get your news via Google...
As you can see, many have chosen to run the Reed Saxon piece, up and down the coast.
You can cut and paste the links into your browser, and see for yourselves.

Santa Barbara News-Press workers urge subscriber boycott
San Jose Mercury News, USA - Sep 5, 2006
SANTA BARBARA, Calif. - Workers at the Santa Barbara News-Press who are pushing for union representation on Tuesday called for readers ...


Union says it has 3,000 pledges to drop News-Press
Ventura County Star (subscription), CA - Sep 6, 2006
About 3,000 people have promised to cancel their subscriptions to the Santa Barbara News-Press at the urging of the very people who write and produce the paper

(this is subscription only, unfortunately...)

News-Press union election set for Sept. 26
Santa Maria Times, CA - Sep 5, 2006
By Sally Cappon/Times Contributor. After the failure of a weekend meeting between labor and management negotiators in the continuing ...


News-Pressers' Rally for Solidarity
Santa Barbara Independent, CA - Sep 5, 2006
News-Press newsroom staffers will vote on forming a union September 26—unless new hurdles loom. There are 37 reporters, photographers ...


'Santa Barbara News-Press' Workers Urge Subscriber Boycott
Editor & Publisher - Sep 6, 2006
SANTA BARBARA, Calif. Workers at the Santa Barbara News-Press who are pushing for union representation on Tuesday called for readers ...


Santa Barbara News-Press workers urge subscriber boycott
San Diego Union Tribune, United States - Sep 6, 2006
By Reed Saxon. SANTA BARBARA – Workers at the Santa Barbara News-Press who are pushing for union representation on Tuesday called ...


News-Press union election set for Sept. 26
Lompoc Record, CA - Sep 6, 2006
By Sally Cappon/Record Contributor. After the failure of a weekend meeting between labor and management negotiators in the continuing ...


Santa Barbara News-Press workers urge subscriber boycott
Press-Enterprise (subscription), CA - Sep 5, 2006
By REED SAXON. Workers at the Santa Barbara News-Press who are pushing for union representation on Tuesday called for readers to ...

(another subscription only, unfortunately...but this story is covered elsewhere)

Santa Barbara News-Press workers urge subscriber boycott
San Luis Obispo Tribune, CA - Sep 5, 2006
SANTA BARBARA, Calif. - Workers at the Santa Barbara News-Press who are pushing for union representation on Tuesday called for readers ...


Santa Barbara News-Press workers urge subscriber boycott
Contra Costa Times, CA - Sep 5, 2006
SANTA BARBARA, Calif. - Workers at the Santa Barbara News-Press who are pushing for union representation on Tuesday called for readers ...


Santa Barbara News-Press workers urge subscriber boycott
Monterey County Herald, CA - Sep 5, 2006
SANTA BARBARA, Calif. - Workers at the Santa Barbara News-Press who are pushing for union representation on Tuesday called for readers ...


How LA Times does Mixtec...

You'd have to have caught WEST magazine last Sunday to see.

You can try clicking that headline, or just go to, scroll to the bottom of the page and look for this story:

"The Summer of the Death of Hilario Guzman" to read it and see the pictures.

It was a fantastic presentation in the magazine, and the photos were very fine.

Of course, reporters here in Santa Barbara have covered this story too, haven't they?

Just as engrossingly. Haven't they? And they aren't even given an audience.

Something is VERY wrong with that.

We hope the LA Times is working up a big one on Santa Barbara.

And that they open that Malibu bureau soon. We need it.

Friday, September 01, 2006

Important Letter at the Independent, re: "Take Back the Night" here:

The Star happened to catch that read as well. And feels the same way as the people who signed this letter , if you lose this part of your audience, you are going to lose so many subscribers you won't even believe it.

This is not someone who is a local, either, writing the main column. Tragic.

Funny thing is, your writers represent YOU on the page. It's as if you have uttered every single word they've said. So in the end you will be responsible if the readers get irate.

One must be careful with this no? It's a big, big deal to own a newspaper in a small town like Santa Barbara.

A newspaper has to have a direction from the voice at the helm.

Once T. M. was hung in effigy on Anacapa Street. No one knew who did it, but he won a Pulitzer for the series he did. It's what a publisher faces.

It's the investigative stuff that wins the awards, not poodles with painted nails.

All the locals are watching from the sidelines.

It's getting embarrassing.

Here is the address:

Breaking news out of Lompoc this morning...

Sally Cappon has the scoop!--- click the title bar

here is address:

Thanks Lompoc Record, for staying on the beat from afar!

Jobs avail over at copy editor(s)?

Hard to tell by this post if the Santa Barbara News-Press is looking for one or more editors for the copy desk...

here is address: (scroll down to see)

Sounds like musical chairs, redux?

Also looks like plenty of jobs are out there, in the industry too -- a great thing.

A Blog is dead! (Spendy's)

Considering the amount of parody and satire being done in the blogosphere, Spendykins was mild. Whoever was behind the blog was a fab writer. Intelligence and wit, no?
Pretty sad to see a thing like that go by the wayside in such a dark time. I guess like Warhol said, you get your 15 minutes of fame. You'll be missed, Spendy. By many. last I looked the blog had in excess of 3,000 hits on the counter. Pretty big audience you had to leave.

Come back?

Meantime there appears to be a new voice onscene in Curare Quille?

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