Sunday, August 27, 2006

THREE great links, and startling news about Santa Maria!

The Star read a cute little story in the web this a.m. about how Santa Maria is larger now than Santa Barbara! Read it yourself -- HERE

So that's how all the commuting happens, and maybe where our policemen are moving too?
Makes sense when the housing prices are that low, or something. Young families could get their starts. Also the most WONDERFUL news about The Santa Maria Times. The buzz just in from an old colleague of The Stars is that it is the marvyest place to WORK!
So, that's great news, for staffers here who want to move on, but?

All that commuter traffic? Could this be by train like they do down south?

Makes great sense!

But let's leave the stretch of coast alone, okay? We don't want all the development to spoil all our beauty, do we? We are like a suburb of Los Angeles as it is right now! Who wants the coastline to keep filling in?

Breaking news on this over here, thanks to the SactoBee via Encinitas (that's newspaper slang for the Sacramento Bee):

Condo-Hotels HERE? NO THANKS!

Read it HERE:

The Star plans on a little segue to the north after this edition! All the way to Santa Maria (and also-- I bet it's apple season up in the Santa Ynez valley about now too, in the always a nice Sunday trip...

Here are the links to


Grist Magazine


and a little show on PBS that is a must see in this town, especially right now

Waging a Living

Get your green on, Santa Barbara! and we don't mean greenbacks do we?
Gotta run now but it'll be linkzilla later! Ciao my sweet readers...
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