Sunday, August 27, 2006

So, why stay when you might get sued?

Geez. I feel VERY sorry for anyone who might want to work at the Santa Barbara News-Press these days. News spreads very fast in journalistic circles too. Very fast.

How are you ever going to get people to work for you if they think they might get sued.

And who is ever going to love you, either?

There seems to be an editorial over at the Ventura County Star to read, but you need to log in and register to see it. We wish we had a copy of that paper in our hands, just to read what they had to say.

The question is, is it ETHICAL for a newspaper owner to sue ex-employees?


At this rate, the News-Press is going to put ITSELF out of business.

The Star read an article recently over at Editor & Publisher by Joe Strupp that is VERY telling about the industry overall. It's called "Can't We All Just Get Along?"
and you can read it HERE

Why, that whole masthead must be shivering in fear by now. Geez. What a sorry state of affairs for a venerable old Newspaper. T. M. Storke was loved! And now he is probably going to reincarnate back into this lifetime, isn't he? That's how mad he'd be about this.

That Joe Strupp is a FAB writer and one to follow. Next up, some links for reads that are more in touch with WHO lives in Santa Barbara on the liberal front, and environmental front... PBS, Grist and AlterNet.

EdHat has info for locals too:


The Star will be linking to EdHat as well. Cute logo!
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