Saturday, August 12, 2006

SB Daily Sound on SBNP journos and their petition to unionize here:

Who can blame them after what has happened at the Santa Barbara News-Press. The Star worked under a union once. Well, it was more of an association, actually. When the NYT bought the SBNP those unions got voted out. The Editorial department, Pre-Press, Composing and the Pressroom all had them, and we were paid very, very well.

The NYT offered a great benefits package, and you had to choose which you wanted, the unions or the packages.

Well, you can imagine what happened.

Ironically, middle management got whopping salaries and guess who suffered?
Over time most people got one percent raises. What a joke!

Curiously enough, some of those middle managers are now...

Oh, this is such a small town isn't it?

News travels so fast here...and people just love to talk shop.

This time around though, looks like that union is going to help them. Best of luck to the staffers there, from The Santa Barbara Star Free Press.

That Mixtec project should win Melinda Burns and Len Wood an award. They are such fine people. Fine newspaper people. Do you know how to tell who is still working at a place? The bylines. Now the only question the Star has is where oh where did all those bylines go in the past six years?


They seem to be gone, don't they?
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