Sunday, August 13, 2006

Santa Barbara News-Press in the news, all over!

A simple Google search for "Santa Barbara News-Press" turns up all kinds of coverage, around the globe even! For their ex-staffers award by the Society of Professional Journalists. That's how important this issue is, to journalists everywhere.

All you have to do is hit "News" at the top of the search bar, and you can get the information directly from the web if it isn't available to you otherwise.

The two top stories are about the Ethics award, and the efforts by the paper to unionize Editorial.

It's very fab to see how Newspaper people take care of their own, isn't it?

Take a look at this list of papers:

San Jose Mercury News
Los Angeles Times
The Statesman (from India!)
The Ventura County Star
The Santa Barbara Independent
Editor & Publisher
Khaleej Times (from United Arab Emigrates!)
Contra Costa Times
San Diego Union Tribune
Fort Wayne News Sentinel (from Indiana!)
San Luis Obispo Tribune
Monterey County Herald
Press Enterprise

That's fantastic, isn't it?

That's newspaper people for you. The most fabulous people in the world.

That's the Associated Press.

There will never be a gag on it.
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