Saturday, August 19, 2006

Sally Cappon from The Santa Maria Times on SBNP

Here is a reporter to follow. At least we can get local news from Santa Maria regarding the Santa Barbara News-Press HERE

Very chilling news indeed. The best way to hurt a columnist? Take the column away. Why would someone be that cruel, and how could an ethical HR department allow something like that to happen in the first place? Sounds like a HUGE intervention is in order by Ms. Huff. She certainly has the qualifications to do so.

Ah, yes. Back to ETHICS again.

Trouble is, if the town is subscribing to you on the strength of your columnists...and then you silence the main one, after losing Barney to the Santa Barbara Independent?

Good thing we can read all about it in the Santa Maria Times online.

And good thing Bill MacFayden is "On the Beat" as well, over in commentary recently at The Independent. A class act is always a class act, no?

He's one.
OK, OK, SB Star, I think I know just who you are. Contact me at as we need to catch up.
O dear, I shall!

I'm terribly sorry I used a capital F!

Mr. Macfayden.
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