Tuesday, August 15, 2006

Media Transparency, a good link here from Transparency Now:

A series of articles on media transparency, from TransparencyNow.com. This first one is a good read...

you can find more here:


Perhaps the rally at De la Guerra Plaza was concerned as much with transparency as in "building back the wall?"

Great links here, for those interested in media issues. Next up, Doc Searls. A huge blog presence! (for those not in the know already).

You can just "Boot Scoot" right on over to his place...for some commentary on blogs.

Also, The Star was mentioned yesterday on the front page of "The Daily Sound" along with Blogabarbara, EdHat, Santa Barbara Indy Media and Craig Smith's Blog.

Thanks! Santa Barbara Daily Sound! from the Santa Barbara Star Free Press.

You need to put working links in your posts.

There are lots of places on the web that explain how. If you have any trouble, write me at the address on this page here.


Thanks Doc!

I'll be in touch, by email with a question for you.

Loved your post, and thanks for the help over here.

Santa Barbara Star Free Press
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