Thursday, August 31, 2006

Haute moderne over at the LA times the last few days...

All you ever wanted to know about Salami & Co. plus the added delight of '50's architecture today. Sweet.

You can scroll down to the Food section, and the Home section and register over there to read these online I think. But, holding the actual paper is best...maybe because it's just as retro as that house is!

It even looks like the guy owns a Calder mobile. Wow. That's modernism for you.

We seem to be at a juncture in civilization just now where the '50's and the '70's are meeting head on, stylistically. Curious.
Starfreepress: I like what you're doing here and just wanted to say THANK YOU! I tried to find the Muckraker piece [I swear it was here] ? What's the date ? THANK YOU ! Outsider
I just saw laura schlessingers very political stance. Does this mean there will be opportunity in news-press to hear the other side ? Wikipedia has huge dispute discussion NPOV, interesting, but alot said. Her charity life has been examined. One view is she gets tax deductions & stirs her listeners, does look-good appearances but not genuine active .[reminds me of arrianna huffington's Santa Barbara face] laura's leaving Orthodox Judism is a Santa Barbara story, I had no idea. Who is the local source for this very political person who stirs people playing a loving nag ? Travis Armstrong claimed [re:laura] "one of the most popular community members." What community? He also said "more than a decade as a family theraphist" & "began radio in 1975" & "earning radio theraphy program". I thought even laura won't claim she does theraphy. Her mfcc[?] license is not active & ten years of family theraphy? I know fact checking is extinct @ news-press & they are protected from questions, but there must be away. How can he get by bamboozling, it's FRAUD. And who would read that? Possibly innocent teens, who believe she is a doctor. I read of 76 signatures in response to a previous column, this last political stance can only be laura [NO DR] rallying her troops [what % of SB population?]. And she has the whole d**m paper of record to do it. If it's dead the county needs to have a wake. ASAP!
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