Wednesday, August 23, 2006

Craig Smith, man about town & citizen journalist here:

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Fab local Santa Barbara commentary...
from a man in the know...


Wants bylines from anyone I used to know 'round Cissy, Gary, Dave, Bill, well, you know who you are, don't you!

(like all those editors and reporters whose bylines no longer appear where they used to!-- oh and, I want you to meet my newfound pals up at the Daily Sound too...! (fab people, Jeramy and Chris)...really wonderful kids...

Let's go, kiddos! (If you want to!)

Leave me an email address, here and I'll be in touch, promise...

You got to be Starshine Roshell, eh? I recognize the legs...actually I recognize the writing, more than the gams.

Good on you, mate
No I'm not!

But, I know her, too. I remember when she came to the SBNP. I remember her from before her editorial days, even.

I remember what she wrote about "Roshell" too, and just to prove it, it was a pact she made with her husband.

And, I know why she is named for Starshine too, because once I asked her.

So there. I knew a whole lot of people at the rally on both sides of things, too.

I hope she gets that column back soon. Let's keep our fingers crossed.

I'm a free agent. But I know a ton of people from my time there, and they still know me, too. Yep.

(my legs are fab too, btw -- but like other women who work at papers -- we used our brains, no? -- the biggest asset of all, and the only way to gain the respect of our male AND female peers in a rough and tumble biz like that one)

LOL! tell everyone they are safe here!
if they need to be anon....!

This is the big "safety net".....!
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