Tuesday, August 15, 2006

Citizen journalism, from Craig Smith's blog here:

Sad news about Santa Barbara's newest, cutest little daily paper. Look what happened when they tried to register a domain.

Craig Smith has the scoop. Just click that red title above!

Remember all that talk about media monopolies?

Well, we don't want that here in Santa Barbara.

Support the Santa Barbara Daily Sound by advertising there -- looks like they have a real deal, and Mesa businesses would love to be seen together anyway, wouldn't they?

Don't forget to grab your Daily Sound, FREE! and show support for this new start up paper here in Santa Barbara. Since the Santa Barbara Star Free Press will be a web only paper, we compete with no one! (advertising-wise) yet.
Isn't that fab?

We think so.

The Star thinks that "Casa" poses much more of a threat to News-Press advertising than The Santa Barbara Daily Sound. The Star wonders who is behind that publication.
It doesn't seem to have a masthead inside it, does it?


There is their web address above, for those interested. It's a sleek mag with a fab logo that comes direct mail, with local articles about the Arts in Santa Barbara. Looks like their address is on Canon Perdido Street, downtown. Worth a stroll by...just to see, maybe?

Actually, there are all kinds of free papers around town, aren't there? Niche papers.

There's room for everyone, no?
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