Tuesday, August 15, 2006

Breaking news here, at Editor & Publisher re: Ethics Award:

This is a very important story by Joe Strupp. A must read for Santa Barbarans regarding the Santa Barbara News-Press.

This is an excerpt from the article linked above:

"McCaw then went on to note that when she bought the paper from The New York Times Co. several years ago "everyone cheered that they were finally getting a hands-on owner involved in the community. Now, the people who quit seem to be upset that I am hands-on."

She added that "No one has been fired. All those who left resigned of their own free will." McCaw then defended the issuing of four cease-and-desist letters, explaining that "one letter went to each of three former employees and the other was sent to the Santa Barbara Independent. The letter to the employees was based on the company's confidentiality policy, something almost all organizations have in place."

* * *


This is a VERY small town, isn't it? People remember all sorts of things don't they?
Especially when you are the biggest newspaper in a little town like Santa Barbara. Like who works where, who is who, and who is no longer with a company, don't they?
Not to mention who has been fired.
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