Wednesday, August 30, 2006

All the celeb snarky stuff you need! right here...

Over at the funniest place in town. Good for laughs-aplenty for the fashionable set...

Have fun!

In case clicking the link in the headline doesn't work---

here is the address:

and you thought our own Spendy was satirical...

get your fug on....fugsters!
I am so glad I didn't make that deal for fame and fortune. I'm even shedding a tear for the Jessica and Ashlie Simpson of Santa Barbara, Wendy & Laura ! Fugilicious ! The titter twitters is almost as disturbing as Laura Schlessingers bare it all series. YOU MUST PUT IN A WARNING. As with Laura, it's not the nudity, it's what the face reveals as the veil slips & you get that tiny peek into their soul. Or you see nothing there. Till you notice the tangled web of what brought them to these rather sad parades. HORRORS. Then again it takes some hutzpah to make that deal with the devil.
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