Thursday, August 31, 2006

A link about media issues here:

Over at Hear Us

here is address:

So how many newspapers are there state by state?

Have fun finding out!

At NewsVoyager!

California has 150. Funny, I thought we had more!
North Dakota has 10, compared to Maine's 20.

Just click the states, and go!

Right here:

Haute moderne over at the LA times the last few days...

All you ever wanted to know about Salami & Co. plus the added delight of '50's architecture today. Sweet.

You can scroll down to the Food section, and the Home section and register over there to read these online I think. But, holding the actual paper is best...maybe because it's just as retro as that house is!

It even looks like the guy owns a Calder mobile. Wow. That's modernism for you.

We seem to be at a juncture in civilization just now where the '50's and the '70's are meeting head on, stylistically. Curious.

Breaking news from The Santa Maria Times here:

Click title, or here is the address:

Your cup of morning blog links:


Daily Kos:

Huffington Post:

and for the recipe challenged, the fabulous EPICURIOUS!


Check out the figs! In season right now!


One musn't forget Defamer, either...

cut and paste 'em and go!

Wednesday, August 30, 2006

Be warned, and be done with it!



Just so you know, the Santa Barbara Star Free Press is an Independent. Just like the Independent, (The Santa Barbara Independent that is)---

It concerns me that we have NO LOCAL NEWS! in Santa Barbara and so, the few links we can get to link to about this whole debacle at the Santa Barbara News-Press matter greatly to our community.

This blog is affiliated with many different links, and we explore the state of the news and newspapers in general--as it affects us regarding the demise of newspapers all over the world.

That is a good thing is it?

Here we have a local owner who can make T. M.'s legacy live because she is independent, no? And obviously has the resources to do so.

She is also an enviromentalist? Like most of us here in Santa Barbara...

Blog links are blog links. I have one blog and link to other "unique" voices, some satire, some legal, some journalistic. And that is what the blogosphere is about, isn't it?

When I say, "our own" it means we are linked as bloggers--no less, no more.

Can you tell writers by the different voices? I think so.

Get the paper back on track will you? We need a newspaper...
Win a Pulitzer and prove something, why don't you? That the press is great. Always was, always will be.

Be proud. You own a newspaper. So do I. But mine is different. It's about writing. I don't need any advertising to support it, and I don't compete with anyone in town either. Don't want to.

This is how blogs function. Learn that and you'll be just dandy. With it.

And lastly, the big scoop right here...a must read, no?

Thanks Bankrate, for all we needed to know about something called "binding arbitration"

Horrid. Horrid. Horrid.

In case it doesn't work...(by clicking the head, here is the address!)

Well, thanks for this one:

A sad, sad, sad story about a great old newspaper company and what happened to it.

The Star can't stand Wall Street. Remember 1929? That's why.

Check the Wikipedia about The Great Depression in the United States.

If the link doesn't work it's here:

All the celeb snarky stuff you need! right here...

Over at the funniest place in town. Good for laughs-aplenty for the fashionable set...

Have fun!

In case clicking the link in the headline doesn't work---

here is the address:

and you thought our own Spendy was satirical...

get your fug on....fugsters!

Re-try to link to: Jerry Roberts SPJ Standing Ovation!

Click that red title & go!
Right over to SB's own Independent for the news.

Did you know that Sam Ramirez is a member of SPJ?


Well, he is. Wonder if they know each other. It's such a small world.

Working on our linkability type stuff to try and get the news out, asap!

Next up, can't stand all the celebrity buzz?

You want to catch "Go Fug Yourself" -- the satire rivals our own dear Spendy McFlaw, what can we say?

Congrats to you, Jerry! (and the others)...

Webworld 2006

Wouldn't it be nice to be a tekkie?

I don't really have the time though.

The blogs like LAist and LAObserved are the coolest, huh?

How do they make them? Using what?

Is it Wordpress or Typepad?

HELP!!!! I want to link like you do--we are FROZEN when it comes to news here in Santa B.

Doc Searls knows I bet.

Tuesday, August 29, 2006

Just how fast news travels in journalism circles...

You don't want to know, or do you?

It's fast, What can we say...

This blog, for instance mentioned the SBNP, and this is a fab post regarding the state of the industry as well:

Check it out


So, blogs are not exactly "burps" now are they? (many, many link here -- past 3,000, actually...


A link inside it (this post)to Greenslade -- out of the UK.
That would be the Guardian, wouldn't it?


and locally LAist via SBist via Gothamist:


and very, very, very locally here:


hope all the links were workable, in the above...

& ciao!

molto difficile all this link business...HELP? thanks!

Sunday, August 27, 2006

THREE great links, and startling news about Santa Maria!

The Star read a cute little story in the web this a.m. about how Santa Maria is larger now than Santa Barbara! Read it yourself -- HERE

So that's how all the commuting happens, and maybe where our policemen are moving too?
Makes sense when the housing prices are that low, or something. Young families could get their starts. Also the most WONDERFUL news about The Santa Maria Times. The buzz just in from an old colleague of The Stars is that it is the marvyest place to WORK!
So, that's great news, for staffers here who want to move on, but?

All that commuter traffic? Could this be by train like they do down south?

Makes great sense!

But let's leave the stretch of coast alone, okay? We don't want all the development to spoil all our beauty, do we? We are like a suburb of Los Angeles as it is right now! Who wants the coastline to keep filling in?

Breaking news on this over here, thanks to the SactoBee via Encinitas (that's newspaper slang for the Sacramento Bee):

Condo-Hotels HERE? NO THANKS!

Read it HERE:

The Star plans on a little segue to the north after this edition! All the way to Santa Maria (and also-- I bet it's apple season up in the Santa Ynez valley about now too, in the always a nice Sunday trip...

Here are the links to


Grist Magazine


and a little show on PBS that is a must see in this town, especially right now

Waging a Living

Get your green on, Santa Barbara! and we don't mean greenbacks do we?
Gotta run now but it'll be linkzilla later! Ciao my sweet readers...

So, why stay when you might get sued?

Geez. I feel VERY sorry for anyone who might want to work at the Santa Barbara News-Press these days. News spreads very fast in journalistic circles too. Very fast.

How are you ever going to get people to work for you if they think they might get sued.

And who is ever going to love you, either?

There seems to be an editorial over at the Ventura County Star to read, but you need to log in and register to see it. We wish we had a copy of that paper in our hands, just to read what they had to say.

The question is, is it ETHICAL for a newspaper owner to sue ex-employees?


At this rate, the News-Press is going to put ITSELF out of business.

The Star read an article recently over at Editor & Publisher by Joe Strupp that is VERY telling about the industry overall. It's called "Can't We All Just Get Along?"
and you can read it HERE

Why, that whole masthead must be shivering in fear by now. Geez. What a sorry state of affairs for a venerable old Newspaper. T. M. Storke was loved! And now he is probably going to reincarnate back into this lifetime, isn't he? That's how mad he'd be about this.

That Joe Strupp is a FAB writer and one to follow. Next up, some links for reads that are more in touch with WHO lives in Santa Barbara on the liberal front, and environmental front... PBS, Grist and AlterNet.

EdHat has info for locals too:


The Star will be linking to EdHat as well. Cute logo!

Friday, August 25, 2006

BIG, BIG, BIG! (read me) by clicking this...

Just big.

aka HUGE.

Click the hed.

Thursday, August 24, 2006

Big, yes big, (click me)

Could what SBNP reporters just did make history?

Perhaps, with those gags.

Given this.

Everything starts in California.

Doesn't it?

Click that title.

If so, WHEW!


So, what exactly is a muckraker, anyway...

This is a rapid link from the Wikipedia (a fab source for things, by the way):


In college I was exposed to James Agee and Walker Evans, as well as Jacob Riis (an early documentary photographer in NY) etc.

I think all writers have a bit of muckrakishness in them, especially if there is a trace of the Irish in them.

Teddy Roosevelt named the term, in 1906. You can learn all about it over in the Wikipedia.

Anyway "Let Us Now Praise Famous Men" by Agee and Evans was written for the FSA, (under Roosevelt) and has always been a favorite of mine. Along with "Grapes of Wrath" by Steinbeck and so forth.

(Which is why I think that Mixtec project deserves an award)...

What greater honor can there be, than a Pulitzer?

The biggest and most honorable things a newspaper does are like that Mixtec Project, aren't they? I can't even remember who started it, but I think it began years ago, as a project by Melinda and Len?

Anyway, I know them. Not socially, but, I knew them because we are all newspaper people. The real thing. Working at a paper is not always fun, believe me. It's hard. You pay your dues. By this I mean gain the respect of your peers. It's a craft in a way, and like the mailman delivers mail, it has to arrive on the doorstep come rain or come shine. Or you get the angry calls if it isn't there, or is late.

I used to work with a fab editor who would say "Let's put this paper to bed."

This meant it was ready to print, and getting it there was no small feat. Just think, that happened every day!

I don't think it's too different now, even with all the fab technology that made life a lot easier, for many. It's more a solitary act I expect, now. Isolating, in a way. and stressfull because people have to keep up with all the system upgrades and programs, and just like at home when you upgrade, it's like that.

Now imagine all that, and having to come out on a daily basis as well.

Could I ever tell you funny stories! Like about times the power went out, or the night it rained so hard that...

People who work for papers are really fabulous individuals, and in a way, not that different than my idols Walker Evans, or the writer James Agee.

I think we are seeing so much "Citizen Journalism" in the blog world is because it is necessary right now, around the world. I have some articles coming your way today about this...

There is a kind of pride you have working in that industry, and a pride for your fellows, too. It might sound old-fashioned, and it is! Can't help it!

So, when I saw Barney cry, I cried too. Because when he said "I love this paper" I knew just what he meant. He meant the blood, the sweat, the tears, the stories, the ink, the press passes, the awards...all THE HISTORY!

Plus, he had his column. He was read! (That means everything to a writer. Everything! -- and perhaps even more to someone like him...someone that seasoned).

That ink gets into your bloodstream. Into your heart. You see?

Wednesday, August 23, 2006

Craig Smith, man about town & citizen journalist here:

Follow his column HERE and daily over in my blog links!

Fab local Santa Barbara commentary...
from a man in the know...


Wants bylines from anyone I used to know 'round Cissy, Gary, Dave, Bill, well, you know who you are, don't you!

(like all those editors and reporters whose bylines no longer appear where they used to!-- oh and, I want you to meet my newfound pals up at the Daily Sound too...! (fab people, Jeramy and Chris)...really wonderful kids...

Let's go, kiddos! (If you want to!)

Leave me an email address, here and I'll be in touch, promise...

All the scoops 'round SoCal, MidCal & then some...(even Chicago!)

Pasadena takes a HEFTY swipe at the Santa Barbara News-Press regarding guess who:


Can't say we blame them, actually. The Old Guard really dislikes all those nouveau riche types's just all so tasteless isn't it?

Thank heavens we have the Santa Maria Times on the story doing what newspapers do best (as in reporting news, not gagging it):


Editor & Publisher weighs in as well from Chicago...


And then there was this interesting read over here, wow! hmmm...


with lots of historical info on the NLRB, for those not "in the know" like ourselves, about this whole concept of everyone being considered a supervisor in the future...


More News, scooped from the fab Quiz place:

On recent developments and appointments to the NLRB.

Why, this place is like an insider's guide to HR. Isn't it?

How fab! You can learn soooo much here, can't you? We did. Just click and go


BIG NLRB NEWS! right here:

Well, this is pretty huge news to all kinds of people and not just reporters and editors, mind you, but nurses as well.

The whole question seems to boil down to who is (or will be considered) a supervisor.


You better read this one. It will affect EVERY newspaper in the country, won't it?

Make sure you read to page two.


Just imagine the pandemonium if everyone was suddenly a supervisor. In some ways it might be fab to have that much POWER in your organization. But in other ways, it might not.

Too many cooks tend to spoil the broth, perhaps? Or would there be fistfights breaking out?


Pandemonium, allright.

What a totally fab QUIZ you can take!

How handy! Why these kind people have made it so easy to understand the ins and outs of workplaces and unions. We only scored a 39, ourselves. Shows how much we didn't try! And let us know how you scored! This quiz is so informative and explains all the anwsers you missed. Isn't that great?


So much breaking news this morning it's hard to keep up...

Do we ever have the best reads for you, today. Do we ever! Stay tuned...

Tuesday, August 22, 2006

Another great ETHICS read here:

One can't help wondering in this case, was it the advisors that caused so much damage?
I mean, someone who goes to such extreme lengths to save an Orca like Keiko couldn't possibly, couldn't possibly be responsible for so much...

This read is an abstract, yet appropriate in this case.

Terrifically so.

It pays to know the psychology of one's advisors doesn't it?

And not be so laissez-faire.

Click the title or


You do realize of course that few on the current masthead will even be able to comprehend the gist of this...but you shall, we assume.

Have a go.

Saturday, August 19, 2006

An ETHICAL aside, from Penn State:

Oh, this is a most important read.


Then again, education is everything when it comes to certain things isn't it?

Looks like the Chicago Tribune is on the beat now, with this unfolding story out west. Too bad all the reporters can't go to Chicago en masse to pick up their ETHICS awards. I'm sure Tribune reporters would love to meet them.

Funny how when you think of the really great reporters it's "Watergate" 'cept out here...

Windygate? [sic]

ps: thanks Doc, I figured it out -- but your email was too complex! (to send one).

Sally Cappon from The Santa Maria Times on SBNP

Here is a reporter to follow. At least we can get local news from Santa Maria regarding the Santa Barbara News-Press HERE

Very chilling news indeed. The best way to hurt a columnist? Take the column away. Why would someone be that cruel, and how could an ethical HR department allow something like that to happen in the first place? Sounds like a HUGE intervention is in order by Ms. Huff. She certainly has the qualifications to do so.

Ah, yes. Back to ETHICS again.

Trouble is, if the town is subscribing to you on the strength of your columnists...and then you silence the main one, after losing Barney to the Santa Barbara Independent?

Good thing we can read all about it in the Santa Maria Times online.

And good thing Bill MacFayden is "On the Beat" as well, over in commentary recently at The Independent. A class act is always a class act, no?

He's one.

Wednesday, August 16, 2006

A little morality tale from Character Counts here:

"Dishonesty Is Not a Legitimate Problem-Solving Strategy" by Michael Josephson

Lots of info here about Ethics, and you can listen to the audio as well.

Serving a Public Trust -- excellent article from Poynter here:

Another important article by Gregory E. Favre.

Why is the public's trust so important?

Because if you can't trust your newspaper to bring you the truth, who can you trust?

Next up: Character Counts and a little morality tale about telling the truth.

Fab commentary from "From the Desert to the Sea" here:

Great postings to follow at this blog regarding the SBNP, from a journalist at large.
Just click the red title bar and have a read...

The Star will be linking to this blog as well.

Breaking news here, from SBNP PR here for your perusal:

The Santa Barbara News-Press responds to Union Charges.

An important morning read.

Next, a link to "From the Desert to the Sea's" blog regarding well...truth?

One wonders why Mr. Singer decided not to be part of this PR blitzkreig.

One hopes Ms. Huff has done her research into this company. Six years' worth of research, to be precise.

Tuesday, August 15, 2006

More Breaking News from Editor & Publisher here:

VERY big news, that is important to Santa Barbara as a whole regarding recent events at the Santa Barbara News-Press.

Good thing we have the Internet, isn't it?

It'll be interesting to see what makes it into print, or on TV regarding this matter.

This blog invites comments, and those may be left anonymously if necessary by anyone from Santa Barbara. In the interest of news democracy here in Santa Barbara, please do so.

Quite a number of newspapers have visited this blog already.

Many come back with regularity, and Los Angeles looks too.

It was precisely because the Star saw the Santa Barbara News-Press reporters gag themselves at the de la Guerra Plaza rally that the concept of the Star Free Press was born.

What other news is going to be gagged, one wonders?

And just in case you may be wondering the Star doesn't work for The Teamsters or the Santa Barbara News-Press.

Reporters should not be gagged. When they are? Problems are afoot. Absolutely.

Citizen journalism, from Craig Smith's blog here:

Sad news about Santa Barbara's newest, cutest little daily paper. Look what happened when they tried to register a domain.

Craig Smith has the scoop. Just click that red title above!

Remember all that talk about media monopolies?

Well, we don't want that here in Santa Barbara.

Support the Santa Barbara Daily Sound by advertising there -- looks like they have a real deal, and Mesa businesses would love to be seen together anyway, wouldn't they?

Don't forget to grab your Daily Sound, FREE! and show support for this new start up paper here in Santa Barbara. Since the Santa Barbara Star Free Press will be a web only paper, we compete with no one! (advertising-wise) yet.
Isn't that fab?

We think so.

The Star thinks that "Casa" poses much more of a threat to News-Press advertising than The Santa Barbara Daily Sound. The Star wonders who is behind that publication.
It doesn't seem to have a masthead inside it, does it?

There is their web address above, for those interested. It's a sleek mag with a fab logo that comes direct mail, with local articles about the Arts in Santa Barbara. Looks like their address is on Canon Perdido Street, downtown. Worth a stroll by...just to see, maybe?

Actually, there are all kinds of free papers around town, aren't there? Niche papers.

There's room for everyone, no?

Doc Searls on blogs, a response to Dr. Laura...

Scroll down to "Blogging for business" posted Monday August 14, 2006 to read his take.

Media Transparency, a good link here from Transparency Now:

A series of articles on media transparency, from This first one is a good read...

you can find more here:

Perhaps the rally at De la Guerra Plaza was concerned as much with transparency as in "building back the wall?"

Great links here, for those interested in media issues. Next up, Doc Searls. A huge blog presence! (for those not in the know already).

You can just "Boot Scoot" right on over to his place...for some commentary on blogs.

Also, The Star was mentioned yesterday on the front page of "The Daily Sound" along with Blogabarbara, EdHat, Santa Barbara Indy Media and Craig Smith's Blog.

Thanks! Santa Barbara Daily Sound! from the Santa Barbara Star Free Press.

A matter of principle, from Poynter here:

A great article and timely read about journalists and principles. Gregory E. Favre writes about a time he stood on principle.

Principles are the most important asset a person has in this life, aren't they?

Breaking news here, at Editor & Publisher re: Ethics Award:

This is a very important story by Joe Strupp. A must read for Santa Barbarans regarding the Santa Barbara News-Press.

This is an excerpt from the article linked above:

"McCaw then went on to note that when she bought the paper from The New York Times Co. several years ago "everyone cheered that they were finally getting a hands-on owner involved in the community. Now, the people who quit seem to be upset that I am hands-on."

She added that "No one has been fired. All those who left resigned of their own free will." McCaw then defended the issuing of four cease-and-desist letters, explaining that "one letter went to each of three former employees and the other was sent to the Santa Barbara Independent. The letter to the employees was based on the company's confidentiality policy, something almost all organizations have in place."

* * *


This is a VERY small town, isn't it? People remember all sorts of things don't they?
Especially when you are the biggest newspaper in a little town like Santa Barbara. Like who works where, who is who, and who is no longer with a company, don't they?
Not to mention who has been fired.

Sunday, August 13, 2006

Don't miss Dan Neil in West magazine here:

This is so funny you won't stop laughing!

"Bum's Rush"

LOL! You go Dan...

seriously LOL!

another bright West Mag Sunday...
Defamer and the Trader Joe taste testers...

umm, that is POWER!


no, LOL all over the place...

catch Steve Lopez for poignancy today too.

(and those are just the first few things I read)

I bet the Times has the most fab newsroom, dunno. At least the paper "feels" that way, as a whole. Great writing!

Channel 3 (KESQ out of Palm Springs) also has reportage here:

Wish I'd been able to catch this show.
Just read it, and you'll see.

Didn't deserve those awards?

Yeah, right...

Oh yes they did.

The world knows they did, and why.

Santa Barbara News-Press in the news, all over!

A simple Google search for "Santa Barbara News-Press" turns up all kinds of coverage, around the globe even! For their ex-staffers award by the Society of Professional Journalists. That's how important this issue is, to journalists everywhere.

All you have to do is hit "News" at the top of the search bar, and you can get the information directly from the web if it isn't available to you otherwise.

The two top stories are about the Ethics award, and the efforts by the paper to unionize Editorial.

It's very fab to see how Newspaper people take care of their own, isn't it?

Take a look at this list of papers:

San Jose Mercury News
Los Angeles Times
The Statesman (from India!)
The Ventura County Star
The Santa Barbara Independent
Editor & Publisher
Khaleej Times (from United Arab Emigrates!)
Contra Costa Times
San Diego Union Tribune
Fort Wayne News Sentinel (from Indiana!)
San Luis Obispo Tribune
Monterey County Herald
Press Enterprise

That's fantastic, isn't it?

That's newspaper people for you. The most fabulous people in the world.

That's the Associated Press.

There will never be a gag on it.

Saturday, August 12, 2006

News-Press site with info here:

This is a site with a lot of information and links put together by the newsroom staff for the public.

They are asking for Santa Barbara's help.

Journalists all over the world are watching this. When Editor and Publisher watches?

It's a pretty big deal isn't it?

Yes, it is.


(or click the red title above to go directly)

SB Daily Sound on SBNP journos and their petition to unionize here:

Who can blame them after what has happened at the Santa Barbara News-Press. The Star worked under a union once. Well, it was more of an association, actually. When the NYT bought the SBNP those unions got voted out. The Editorial department, Pre-Press, Composing and the Pressroom all had them, and we were paid very, very well.

The NYT offered a great benefits package, and you had to choose which you wanted, the unions or the packages.

Well, you can imagine what happened.

Ironically, middle management got whopping salaries and guess who suffered?
Over time most people got one percent raises. What a joke!

Curiously enough, some of those middle managers are now...

Oh, this is such a small town isn't it?

News travels so fast here...and people just love to talk shop.

This time around though, looks like that union is going to help them. Best of luck to the staffers there, from The Santa Barbara Star Free Press.

That Mixtec project should win Melinda Burns and Len Wood an award. They are such fine people. Fine newspaper people. Do you know how to tell who is still working at a place? The bylines. Now the only question the Star has is where oh where did all those bylines go in the past six years?


They seem to be gone, don't they?

Ethics Award for "THE SBNP NINE" here:

Congratulations to the nine ex-staffers who will be receiving this honor for demonstrating their ethics as journalists.

It'll be interesting to see if the Santa Barbara News-Press covers it.

Don Murphy is one of the finest men I've known in the newspaper biz. Heard through the grapevine he will be heading up to San Luis Obispo now.

That newspaper is getting a STAR, in Don.

How important is this award?


T. M. would be so proud of you. As I am.

Friday, August 11, 2006

Spoofzilla over at "Spendy McFlaws" blog here:

You don't want to miss this ongoing satire...

Oh, that art. Ol' Spendy picks up where the LA Times, the Independent and the Santa Barbara Daily Sound leave off. And there are others the blog world with tons of reportage...all over the place, no? Even up in Seattle, if you look.

Barney's take over at the Santa Barbara Independent here:

He's "On the Beat" all right.

How interesting the reporters are now grilled about their stories by HR.

Just like the Times, the Independent comes through for Santa Barbara. Always.
And, ummm, Mr. Armstrong...if Barney was planning to retire as you put it in your column yesterday, how come he works for the Independent now, hmmm?

C'est dommage pour vous.

Not only do you screw up your jumps, but...two retractions and republishing the page?

Better get a grip soon...

LA Times on Santa Barbara News-Press here:

You can trust the LA Times to report on current issues. Always. As far as "slanted" reporting goes, check yesterday's editorial page in the News-Press. What a disgusting cheap shot Mr. Armstrong took at Barney in his column. Slanted?

Sunday, August 06, 2006

News from

This is a site by our own Santa Barbara police department. You can read about their issues here, and see statistics about crime on the rise here and their concerns overall.

Just like our firemen, these are the good guys around town. If they leave?

Take a look at their graphs and you can see...

Crime in Santa Barbara, especially. They have a slide show up, and other information for the public.

California on problems here for "first-responders"

This is a cool link, and they recently had a story regarding our own police department.

Based on the problems they are having, we need a good solution for them, soon.

According to this story, they are leaving for other communities where the salaries and housing are better. The Los Angeles Times covered the plight of our firemen and housing not long ago.

It seems practical for them to be able to live here. Doesn't it?
It also seems a shame we aren't seeing any in-depth coverage of this issue right here in Santa Barbara. Right now.

More here on Rand from Cato Institute:

All you ever wanted to know about Ayn Rand and her ideas. And those books of hers.
Personally, we were unable to wade through them. The writing was so...

I wonder if she ever lectured at Stanford.

Bet she did.

Who else but Ayn Rand...

Read all about it, here.

So, what exactly is a Libertarian anyway? Info here:

"In popular terminology, a libertarian is the opposite of an authoritarian. Strictly speaking, a libertarian is one who rejects the idea of using violence or the threat of violence -- legal or illegal -- to impose his will or viewpoint upon any peaceful person. Generally speaking, a libertarian is one who wants to be governed far less than he is today."
Dean Russell, Foundation for Economic Education, 1955

This is an interesting site that can explain a lot of things...but does this ideology work for Santa Barbara as a whole?

Next up -- another writer whose belief systems seem to run alongside. Telling, no?

More news over at E&P

How sad, overall.

What a mess.


There's a cake upstairs. A giant cake, and the room is full of flowers and supposed celebration and a woman is up there full of glee. The town is going to be hers, she thinks.

In the hustle and bustle and paperwork transpiring she thinks nobody is going to notice what she's done. But, they do. In the weeks following the shocked initial silence, and the first big lie, the stories start to leak. They leak all over a small town like Santa Barbara. Later, they'll leak across the country into various newsrooms.

Oh, but, you can't really say anything if you work there, can you? You have to hold it in your heart and test the heaviness of it, the unethics of it, for yourself.

You learn how to sit silently, observing, just happy you have a job, right?
Happy you got a big piece of that cake whose taste now lies bittersweet along your lips six years into it when a crowd stands below your citadel yelling "Shame" over and over and over and the sound of it is deafening.

There is a guy who wears an eye patch running things and you think he might be decent, maybe. He seems jovial enough. Almost human. Human enough to sweat when he realizes what has happened. You watch it start to trickle, and all of a sudden under his arms are soggy pools the size of dinner plates, growing and spreading. You ask about the eye patch, making light of it all, as if you could in that moment, thinking about -- well, everything.

He makes light about the fact he has an inoperable brain tumor.

Funny how it's impossible to feel sorry for him, because you don't. Not after what he's done. And he was supposed to be an ethical man, too.

Thursday, August 03, 2006

Waxing nostalgic...

This will give all you "outsiders" an idea of what things used to be like at newspapers. That is before everyone just sat at a terminal. In a cubicle.

Even the deadlines were their own brand of fun.

And the editors were the best thing of all!

This has pictures too!

A little morality tale, about newspapers...

And amateurs, from back east.

The best food in town, and Mojitos!

Don't miss this place!

It's another secret Santa Barbara restaurant, off the beaten path and more delicious than you can imagine. Great atmosphere too...

Sunset magazine on the most interesting architect in town:

These are the most wonderful buildings around. They are playful -- sort of a cross between Gaudi, Old Hollywood, Disneyland and ?.

Charm galore, in everything he builds.

If only they'd let him design the whole town, parking structures and all from now on.

Jeff Shelton is an artist, and artisan. The details alone...are fantastic.

Pure whimsy.

CJR on media mergers:

What if your audience wants a real paper? With stories, by writers. The Times still does that, even after this mergerville.

This article makes you wonder about it all.

Who wants canned stuff with no stories?

It's just all money, money, money. Not much different from the 80's and all those buyouts. A sad story, all in all. For everyone concerned, but especially the readers.

Who wants spin when you can have depth. People still read. Just look at that fantastic story the L. A. Times is doing on the ocean. Those reporters spent a year on that. They should win an award.

Old Spanish Days link:

Fiesta at your fingertips!

Most locals have been through bazillions of fiestas. It's just not that dangerous, now is it? People stroll, dance and eat. Some pull a Gibson. They say 200,000 will be in town this year -- but that seems inflated a bit. Where would they stay?

Check this guide to read all about it and see this year's poster by Brad Nack. It has the classic "F" for Fiesta that we all know and love...

Santa Barbarans, anyway. Have fun!

A funny Gibson read over at LAObserved

The best LA blog on the whole Gibson affair. Let's face it, accidents happen, no?
What Hollywood movie star hasn't gotten drunk at Moonshadows once upon a time. C'mon.

He could always move up here. Our architecture is better anyway...

Anyway, he will always be Mad Max and Braveheart...just saying...

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