Monday, July 17, 2006

Yes, The Star Free Press is real!

Now, for a choice of design...and yes! I once walked T. M. Storke's hallowed halls, viewed his vast library (of clippings) and his bound archives in the tower pre-remodel. The Star will exist as a counterpoint for Santa Barbara readers once I have it up and running.

I have the greatest respect in the world for journalists and journalism proper. And T. M. -- who was known to have shouted once "Stop the presses goddamit, this is T. M. Storke!"

As far as stylebooks go, I expect I shall have to invent my own for this virtual frontier, because frankly I've used far too many of them in my day to sort it all out. Let me see, was that Strunk and White once upon a time as I sat in Storke Plaza cramming for yet another blue book final?

I do believe it was.

My hat is off to those venerable publishers I've known such as Stuart Taylor, B. Dale Davis and even Joe Tarrer who was known for his famous Stonehouse luncheons up at the San Ysidro Ranch.

The Star is real, Santa Barbara! And it is not a product of any other publisher in town, or a whim. Once my domain is set up, I'll feature guest editors and writers from around the globe on various topics.

Although I saw a comment over at the Independent claiming I was Starshine, you are quite wrong. I did know Starshine once, though -- and I must say both her columns and hair are fab.

On that note, good morning!
WAIT A MINUTE! I just got warned on the INDIE BLOG for saying kiss my ass to some other blogger who said something stupid about me. Randy Campbell of the Independent emailed me and said 'please censor yourself a little better" IS censorship the last little bit of control these news people have???'s GODDAMN silly! All the more reason to rally and expose the hypocrisy...
Hi there... I got all interested in the question, `How old is the News-Press' and wrote it up on my blog... wonder if in your perusal of the News-Press archives you had any information on this issue...

best, Snug
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