Thursday, July 20, 2006

Santa Maria Times piece on latest rally

I'll put a link to the paper under my blog links. I think some people I used to know might work up there now in Editorial. It's just a hunch though. There was an editor I used to admire very much at the News-Press. John Lankford. Once I wrote an Op-Ed piece for him a long time ago, but it got pulled at the last minute for being too controversial. I always admired John for his columns. Thinking about him this morning is pulling at my heartstrings. Also, I realize just how difficult it is, or how difficult it was, to be an Editorial Page editor. I can't even fathom how you all did it, and just know I have the greatest respect in the world for all of you, that I've had the priviledge to have worked with in the past.

Lucky for me that I got to work in a newspaper, because I got to experience what that is. I did it in a time we chased the typos all the way out to the press if we had to, and I guess, today, I just miss a lot of people I used to know.

Anyway, once John told me, "If you ever feel passionate again like that I want you to write it."

So, John, my first editorial is dedicated to you.
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Phil "Jackass" Coel

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