Tuesday, July 18, 2006


Too bad they sold it in the first place, no?

It seemed interesting that a woman could own it once upon a time. Fantastic, actually. Just goes to show what running it from a distance brings. Nothing but trouble. Best would be to roll up her sleeves, get in there and straighten out the mess by dialoging with each and every employee about what is really going on, and not just listening to management giving her the sugar-coated version.

I have faith that she could turn it around, if she cared to. But that would take an immense "hands-on" effort.

I doubt Ms. McCaw is even in touch with the staff at all, and she should be. I bet she doesn't even know about some of the monstrous things that have been done in her name since 2000.
T. M. Storke's employees were like family to him.

It'll be interesting to see what happens today in De la Guerra Plaza.
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