Thursday, July 20, 2006

A note on Ethics, from the Society of Professional Journalists

So, how does one begin to understand ethical behavior? By puzzling out ethical dilemmas. For instance, suppose a person finds a wallet stuffed with money and credit cards lying on the beach. It's obviously lost.

I'll give you four scenarios and you decide:

Person number one finds the wallet, hunts down the owner and gives it back intact.

Person number two says, "It's my lucky day," and steals everything in the wallet for himself.

Person number three is homeless and hasn't eaten for two days. She keeps enough cash to buy a meal on Milpas near the Casa Esperanza and leaves the wallet where she found it.

Person number four has seven children to feed. He makes less than the living wage as it is. Not only could he feed his family until all their bellies were full, but he could also buy a toy for his youngest daughter if he took that cash. He decides not to, and walks by the wallet shaking his head, but proud of himself.

In the above scenarios who has demonstrated unethical behavior, in your opinion?

I think you might like the Star, SB. I hope so anyway. I hope to be an old-fashioned voice for our town. I hope to be like T. M. in my way. Thanks for coming by.
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