Monday, July 17, 2006

Jefferson Flanders has an interesting piece at Neither Red nor Blue

I remember Jefferson! He had that same Eastern charm that Bill Macfayden and Don Murphy also have. Hi Bill and Tom too. Geez? Remember the redesign we all went through? Ahhh, yes.
Arthur Griffiths it was. "Move that one point! -- no, down two picas, no, up one!"

Looks like Mr. Flanders is writing short stories now too! How fab! So do I. Maybe we can all reunite at next year's Santa Barbara Writers Conference. It's totally fantastic! And, Marcia Meier is the executive director. I'll link it under the LA Times, so you can see who was there this year!

It is fantastic!

my domain is under construction and will be here:

nice to see you three out here!
Appreciate the reference and the compliment (I think) to Eastern charm...

One intriguing aspect of the News-Press situation is the potential for "a thousand flowers blooming" as new newspapers, publications, blogs and other media surface to offer alternatives...

Jefferson Flanders
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