Saturday, July 29, 2006

Horrible News on today's front page of The Los Angeles Times!


Otis Chandler and T. M. Storke were one and the same. Newspapermen.

You must understand how important you are to the baby boom market. That is the core of your readership up here in Santa Barbara and its environs. Please open a Malibu bureau and expand up here. We have NOTHING! and this is the perfect moment for you to make a move northward. Your territory could extend easily to the Santa Ynez valley.

T. M. and Otis would be rolling in their graves over this media catastrophe.

So much talk has been made about capturing the dwindling youth market for readership in the last few decades. But that isn't where the money is. It's in the baby boom, and your loyal readership who wants to read your fabulous writers and columnists.

Great news yesterday, Steve Lopez is up here surfing! See, he is already moving into this territory. Also, your article on SB firemen and housing was prescient.

We have some of the BEST writers around up here, and best newspaper people just waiting for you. In the Star's opinion WEST magazine was the best thing you've done to capture our market up here. Also Life magazine on Fridays. Your sections have the perfect sophistication and balance for this market as well.

You have to come! Otis would demand it, given what has happened at T. M.'s old paper!


Don't let your wonderful newspaper die.

You are our last hope.
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