Wednesday, July 26, 2006

History on what happens behind the scenes at newspapers...

Well, for the most part this is accurate at least up until 1992. Pagination has changed the face of the newspaper workforce in 2006. It's possible if you went to some little town someplace all this stuff might still exist -- but at some papers it no longer does. Whole departments have been slashed as the technology changed.

All the layoffs in the name of progress have done nothing to enhance the soul of the press. Perhaps that is why it's so sterile in general, and circulation is falling all over the world.

Then again, when "the bottom line" is the only thing that counts (read bean counters here) you just can't expect a lot of soul, now can you?

That's the really sad part.

Most of that very expensive technology doesn't work half the time anyway, huh?

Some of it is just a plain ol' joke. Oooooof! No, make that: OOOOooooooofffff!
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