Sunday, July 30, 2006

Great pieces in The Los Angeles Times today...

They have a fabulous new series on the state of the oceans, worldwide. Scary. Especially when you think about all the seals that have been washing up dead along our own beaches here. Or the brown foamy stuff that comes in sometimes and looks plain weird at low tide along our coasts. Fortunately we are very conscious on the whole up here about keeping our beaches clean, so you don't see much trash littering the beach for the most part. The water is warm, and like silk right now. A walk along Summerland's coast is still gorgeous as ever. The drainage ditch there sports a lot of green algae and there were tiny fishes in the fresh water that pools there every year.

What is scariest was the "fireweed" growing down in Australia, and the "dead zones." How do you stop something like that once it starts? Also, in some parts of the world eating jellyfish is a delicacy...Oooof! Gotta read this series to find out the rest.

These articles are so important to us because of the efforts of Santa Barbara's own "Heal the Ocean" group here in town. Don't miss this series! And go to the link to read about the "heal the ocean" people and what they are up to in SB.

Steve Lopez's column is telling too. Glad he's up here, investigating various things around town. Like real estate prices, who's friendly, and editor's salaries...

$200,000 clams?


And over at LAObserved you can read about the potential sale of The Los Angeles Times as well. Just click the blog links and go. You may have to register over at the Times, but LAObserved is just a click away.
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