Monday, July 24, 2006 on Media Mergers

A great article, and site that allows the public to understand what is actually going on when it comes to media mergers. They have a lot of links for you to peruse as well if you are interested in this subject.

One of the most fabulous things about Santa Barbara is who lives here. It's not just the land of the super-rich, even though most of the world thinks that, and it's not always the "Paradise" it's forever being called either.

It's not just the land of the McMansion even though that's happening in pockets around town all over the place via the remodels. There are many locals and natives here, and there always will be.

It seems sad a bit that most of the press in this town is devoted to real estate ads.

It wasn't always that way.

I was struck yesterday by the quality and content of writing in the Los Angeles Times as I am everyday. There is a fantastically funny piece on "Dumpsters" by Chip Jacobs out of Pasadena, plus a great illustration!

Anybody who has ever gone through a remodel here is going to relate to this one...hysterical! You can access it off the LA Times website, I believe, if you missed it in print.

Oh, and those rules in their Editorial pages "Current." Damn. They looked gigantic! On Sunday they get even larger (was that 20pt?) the T, too. It has so much...flair! (design-wise).

Of important note locally in the Sunday Santa Barbara News-Press was a gigantic display ad placed by our local Police department (I think), because it didn't sport a "Paid for by" disclosure. We need our policemen and firemen and teachers to be able to live here. They used to, didn't they?

We were more of a small town once. Miss that.

This is the heat wave from, dunno. Whew. Unbelievable and fantastic cumulus clouds overhead, and great sunsets of late.

Less commuting by local workers means the freeway problem will clear up by itself.
So far, I'm only researching things of interest to others in media. It's exciting doing a start up. Fun.

Classifieds for our community. Buy, sell, trade, date, events... post anything. Adquity Classifieds.

Classifieds for our community. Buy, sell, trade, date, events... post anything. Adquity Classifieds.
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