Saturday, July 29, 2006

Clearing up some ugly Montecito traffic snarls, the simple way...

Being a local and all, it's not too hard to see where the traffic is really getting into a bad, bad snarl in a few places near the Bird Refuge, and down along Coast Village in Montecito Friday afternoons. Getting down to Summerland now requires fierce strategy.

A couple of these intersections are accidents waiting to happen, with all the increased traffic coming into and out of our area due to all the tourism the city has promoted.

Traffic lights are in order at several key points:

Where Old Coast Highway hits Hot Springs Road at the Montecito Shopping Center. What a nightmare! There are simply too many cars on the road for this kind of old-fashioned intersection. We need some lights there, as soon as possible. Adding to this is the giant stream of traffic along East Cabrillo Boulevard pouring into this same area on Fridays as well, heading for points south. All of that is messing up the tranquility of the Lower Village, and really disturbing the last big exit out of town at Coast Village and Olive Mill Roads as well.

Out-of towners aren't familiar with our grid of one-way streets and old-fashioned stop signs. Nor are they particularly courteous what with the road rage witnessed by the Star yesterday along these specific routes. Traffic was pouring in from the south along Jameson Road and gridlocked right at Olive Mill as well.

It seems a shame that the lovely scenic routes by The Bird Refuge and along Old Coast Highway are crammed with vehicles trying to outsmart freeway traffic at these particular small junctions. Traffic lights would solve that, and allow the flow to move in a progression that can work for those areas in a sensible manner.

If something isn't done soon, you'll probably see the jam move up to East Valley Road, sadly. We wouldn't want that, now would we?
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