Sunday, July 30, 2006

Blond on blonde...

In what seems a rather curious move over at the News-Press, it looks like Dr. Laura has taken Barney's place as a columnist. The Star had only vague notions of who this person was to begin with and so a bit of searching turned up some links like:

and even nude photos!

Hmmm......? You can use Google to do your own search and see what comes up for Dr. Laura.

Given the doctor's philosophy, at least via these web articles, one wonders what she will make of the previous owner of Nipper's (down in the old Montecito triangle) current relationship with the owner of the SBNP. Seems like pretty strange bedfellows...

Who is up next in line for columnist, another blond? Ann Coulter, perhaps? One never knows...

There is a nice read by Ken Williams over in Op-Ed. And Starshine, always.

The juxtaposition of these three things was incredulous at best. As well as that giant red "g" over in the D section. It sort of upstaged everything, in a way. Curiouser and curiouser.

Alas. Subscription cancelled, in support of journalists there. Looks like Dr. Laura will be subscribing in our place though. So she can read herself.

Seems like T. M. won the Pulitzer because he was against...

It'll be interesting to see what the Gay and Lesbian Resource Center has to say about this new tack.
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