Thursday, July 20, 2006

The big DISH, from

A fabulous article on the general ineptness of HR departments within modern corporations.

Oh, this is rich. And when I say rich, I mean decadently truffle-flavored raspberry chocolate molten souffle cakefilled truth dished up just so.

Exactly when did the term Personnel Department turn into Human Resources anyway?

"Human resources" sounds like just another mechanized widget to be moved around doesn't it? Like Dilbert's recent comments on "coffeeholes" in the cartoons.

Thanks for sharing this magnificently complex trifle.

Let's face it shall we?

If a loser is running that department in your company, the Star recommends cutting to the chase but pronto.

Your most valuable resource is your PEOPLE isn't it? I mean, it isn't the cubicles and it isn't the computers and the software now is it? It's the people, people.
Or at least it used to be, anyway.
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